Highly Suspect

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Highly Suspect(photo from Facebook)

Formed 2009 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States of America

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Johnny Stevens, vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist

     @terriblejohnny Instagram

     @Johnny Steven’s Facebook

Rich Meyer, bassist

     @rich_meyer Instagram

     @Rich Meyer Facebook 

Ryan Meyer, drummer

      @ryan_suspect Instagram

      @Ryan Meyer Facebook

  @highly suspect Instagram


   Highly Suspect’s Facebook

    Highly Suspect’s YouTube

Highly Suspect’s Website


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Spoon (photo from Facebook)

Formed 1993 in Austin, Texas, United States of America

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Britt Daniel, vocalist, guitarist

     @brittdaniel Instagram

     @brittdaniel Twitter

Jim Eno, drummer

     @jimenoacid Instagram

     @jim eno Twitter

Rob Pope, bassist

Alex Fischel, keyboardist, guitarist

      @alexfischel Instagram

  @spoontheband Instagram

   @spoontheband Twitter

   Spoon’s Facebook

    Spoon’s YouTube

Spoon’s Website


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Dreamcar Gallery & Review – 5/27/17 The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL.


5/27/17 – The Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL.

By Bradley Todd 

            I am giddy. The kind of giddy you feel when you meet somebody new and feel an immediate attraction. The way you feel when you talk to a new love interest for the first time and sense sparks of chemistry in your conversation. The kind of giddy you feel with long winded conversations with no lulls, but also lengthy eye contact without any words spoken. Holding hands…a first kiss…and beyond. All of it.

The object of my affections? Dreamcar.

It was only a few weeks ago when I had fallen asleep with the TV on, only to be awoken by a musical performance on the Late Late Show (w/ James Corden) by a band I didn’t know, but was immediately moved by… while wiping the sleep from my eyes. The song had an emotional urgency to it. The vibrant band bounced and rocked, breathing the vibe of the song. I only heard half the song (Kill for Candy)…but that was enough.

I bought Dreamcar’s new, self-titled album, their first, upon waking the next morning. And I have enjoyed the hell out of it since. 12 tracks – all killer, no filler. It brings me to the emotional space that has been filled in the past by great bands such as Duran Duran, The Smiths, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs…and more recently, The Killers.

Despite being a debut album from a new band, Dreamcar are anything but rookies in the music game. The band is comprised the members of No Doubt, minus Gwen, with singer Davey Havok from band AFI. And in Davey, Tom Dumont (guitar), Adrian Young (drums), and Tony Kanal (bass) have found the perfect person for this new musical venture, as was obvious at Chicago’s The Vic Theatre on May 27th, the final stop of the band’s recent tour.

While the group is new, the presentation and performance is well honed and tight, the chemistry undeniable. Despite playing the intimate Vic Theatre, the band brought a full production of sound and stage, including a keys player and two background singers to round out the sound…and it paid off in the performance. The band played every song from their debut album perfectly, albeit in a different running order, as well as David Bowie and INXS covers, ultimately closing with their single that hooked me in, Kill For Candy (full setlist below).

While Tom, Adrian and Tony laid down grooves that propelled this show with energy and enthusiasm, Davey Havok was the emotional face of this performance. I don’t know much about Davey Havok, other than the fact that he just might be my new favorite singer. A strong baritone, Havok presented with style reminiscent of the 40’s, wearing a gray suit and monochrome rust red shirt and skinny tie, along with a retro, mop top hairstyle and pencil thin moustache. But style aside, this dude can sing. His vocal performance was strong and flawless. And Havok doesn’t just sing songs, he delivers them dramatically, acting out the emotions of each line skillfully and with sincerity…to the point that I was unsure if I was watching a singer in an actor’s body, or vice versa. When he looked a crowd member in the face during the song Do Nothing and sang “You do nothing for me…” he paused for dramatic effect before repeating “Nothing!” And I believed him. 

            One other thing I must mention that contributed to my enjoyment of this fantastic show: the sound mix. It was straight up stellar. I can’t recall ever hearing better sound at any concert, at any other venue. Each instrument was crisp and clear, and each vocal – lead, as well as background – front and center with out any distortion…so kudos to you, Mr. Soundman!


  1. After I Confessed
  2. The Assailant
  3. Born to Lie
  4. Slip On the Moon
  5. The Preferred
  6. Moonage Daydream
  7. On the Charts
  8. Do Nothing
  9. Ever Lonely
  10. Don’t Let Me Love
  11. All the Dead Girls
  12. Don’t Change
  13. Show Me Mercy
  14. Kill for Candy

Sylar, Starset, Alter Bridge, and Skillet Concert Review

Spring Fling
May 19, 2017
Peoria Riverfront
Peoria Illinois

This years 105.7 The X Rocks Spring Fling felt more like fall as the weather dipped into the 50 degree range with overcast skies, a nice breeze, and rain in the forecast. That didn’t stop close to 3,000 rock fans from coming down to the Peoria riverfront to attend the show. This years lineup would consist of Sylar, Starset, Alter Bridge, and headliner Skillet.

The first band to greet the crowd was Sylar out of Queens, NY. Prior to the show I had not heard of Sylar, but after seeing them live it’s safe to say that they have gained another fan. They brought tremendous energy to the stage and sustained that throughout the entirety of their set. They were the perfect band to start the show and get the crowd moving on a chilly night. Their sound reminds me of a cross between Killswitch Engage meets I Prevail, with a touch of POD. Jayden Panesso and Miguel Cardona compliment each other nicely on vocals. Jayden is able to capture your attention with his screams while Miguel hooks you in with his ability to slow it down during the chorus. Rounding out the band is Dustin Jennings on guitar, Travis Hutton on bass, and and Thomas Veroutis on drums. If you wanna catch Sylar on tour your’re in luck as they will be out all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour. If you can’t make a stop on the Vans tour i would highly suggest picking up their album Help!.
In This Moment

There aren’t many, ok any, bands that refer to their sets as demonstrations but that’s exactly what you get when you catch Starset. This was my second time seeing a Starset demonstration and it was just as great as the first time I was able to see them. The thing that sets Starset apart from everyone else out there is their sci-fi set production complete with each backing band member sporting space gear with chest plate lit by LED’s as well as space helmets that are also lit. While it was still pretty light out when they performed and you couldn’t really get the full effect of the lights it was still amazing to watch. Front man Dustin Bates has a phenomenal vocal range. He was the ability to to sing these amazing melodies while also being able to belt out the occasional scream when the song calls for it. Oh and did I mention Bates has a P.H. D background in electrical engineering and is an instructor at the International Space University. One of my favorite parts of a Starset demonstration is how Bates uses his Emulator( which is basically a huge touchscreen mixer) to bring out all the electronic elements that are a prominent part of Starsets songs. The rest of Starset consists of Ron DeChant on bass, Brock Richardson on lead guitar, and Adam Gilbert on drums. The band also concsists of Violinist Siobhan Cronin and Jonathan Kampfe on cello. If you haven’t caught a Starset demonstration you really should check out the bands dates for the upcoming Half God/Half Devil tour with headliner In This Moment. You won’t leave disappointed.
In This Moment

Co-Headliner Alter Bridge would be the next band to perform, and perform they did. This was my first time seeing Alter Bridge which is a little surprising considering they are known for their extensive touring and live shows. After seeing my first Alter Bridge show one thing is for certain, Rock is not Dead or Dying anytime soon. Alter Bridge are masters of their craft. Three of the four members (Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips) were part of this little band you may have heard of called Creed. Then there’s lead vocalist Myles Kennedy who fronted Slash’s solo band Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Kennedy was also part of the Mayfield Four who at one time opened for Creed. It’s not very often that you see a tour where every band that takes the stage sounds so in tune sound wise but that continued to be the case when Alter Bridge performed their set. The only complaint I had with the Alter Bridge set was the chill in the air and the fact that it started to drizzle out. Other then that Alter Bridge was flawless. Tremonti’s guitar was loud, Marshalls bass you could feel in the first few rows, phillips was awesome on the drums, and Kennedy’s vocals were crisp and it almost seemed effortless as he belted out song after song on Alter Bridge’s ten song setlist. If you haven’t seen Alter Bridge yet you will have to wait awhile as they are preparing to go overseas for the summer starting in June. They are definitely worth the price of admission if they make a stop near you in the future.
In This Moment

The final band to play would be the christian rock powerhouse Skillet. This would be my fourth time seeing Skillet and while their setlist hasn’t really changed much since the release of their 2016 album Unleashed they are still one of my favorite bands to see live. Their setlist consisted of 16 songs that were performed magnificently all while the rain would start to pick up throughout their entire set. The crowd could have cared less as they sang along to Skillets catchy songs for their whole set. Skillet hails from Memphis Tennessee and consists of husband and wife tandem John(lead vocals, bass guitar) and Korey Cooper(rhythm guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals) and is rounded out with Seth Morrison on lead guitar, and Jen Ledger on drums and vocals. The best thing I’ve noticed about Skillet shows is you’ll see people of all ages at their shows. There were kids as young as seven years old rocking out and singing alongside their parents. I even saw a toddler with his ear muffs on, and his play guitar on his fathers shoulders having the best time. Nothing beats being able to share the power of music as a family. Skillet will be on tour all summer long in support of the aforementioned Unleashed album, if you’re a parent wanting to check out a family friendly and affordable rock show without a doubt check out Skillets tour dates and catch a show near you.
In This Moment

Steel Panther Concert Review

Steel Panther
December 11th 2016
The Pageant, St Louis Missouri

If your like your rock and metal music with a little bit of Glam then Steel Panther is the band for you. Steel Panther is labeled as a Comedy rock/glam metal band out of the home of Glam Metal, Los Angeles California. While their shows contain a lot of humorous antics on stage and adult oriented lyrics there’s one thing that cannot be denied and that’s Steel Panther are first and foremost musicians, and damn good ones at that. Steel Panther is fronted by the amazing Michael Starr whose vocal range rivals any Hair Metal frontman of the 1980’s. Accompanying him on stage is lead, rhythm and acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist Satchel, Bass and backing vocalist Lexxi Foxx, and percussionist Stix Zadinia. Steel Panther hit the stage at The Pageant at promptly 9:15 to the sound of I Love It Loud by Kiss blaring through the speakers. With each passing note you could feel the crowd getting antsy and ready to explode and when the sound of a Panther came through the speakers that’s exactly what they did and continued to do through Steel Panthers almost two hour long set. Steel Panther opened the night with the song Eyes Of a Panther followed by Just Like Tiger Woods and Party Like Its The End Of The World. They would go on to play 14 songs total on the night as well as a guitar solo by Satchel that is probably one of the greatest guitar solos I’ve ever seen. It rivals those of Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen and Mick Mars of Motley Crue, two of the great guitarist from the Hair Metal era. What makes Satchels solos so memorable is not only does he play for over an average of six minutes but it also includes him playing a drum solo at the same time, something I’ve only witnessed him do. If you have time do yourself a favor and search Satchel Guitar Solo on Youtube, it alone is worth the price of admission. One thing I took notice to on this tour cycle was Steel Panther interacting with fans on stage. Steel Panther has always been a fan friendly band with their at times infamous 17 Girls In A Row song in which the band invites women in the first couple of rows to come on stage and dance and can sometimes lead to girls flashing and making out on stage. In addition to that, this night also saw Michael Starr invite a female fan on stage for the song Asian Hooker as well as a fan, whom I think was named Amanda, on stage for an acoustic version of Girl From Oklahoma. Before Amanda left the stage she was treated to a short song featuring her by each band member that was of course filled with sexual innuendos and laughs from the crowd and Amanda herself, well with the exception of Lexxi Foxx whose song in true Lexxi Foxx fashion had nothing to do with Amanda and instead was all about himself and went Shitty Shitty Shitty Shitty shitty shitty I sure hope my face looks pretty all while looking in his infamous mirror and teasing his hair. Steel Panther would play three more songs before coming back out and finishing the fourteen song set with a two song encore that featured their well known song Community Property as well as the song Party All Day. Overall I’d give Steel Panther a Can’t Miss grade. Their shows always have me wanting more and looking forward to the next time to catch them live. If you have yet to check out a Steel Panther show do yourself a favor and do so. Steel Panther has a few select shows running through January 19, 2017 before taking a break and hitting the road again in support of their upcoming album Lower The Bar which is set to be released on Feb. 24th 2017. The band has released the single She’s Tight as the albums first single along with a video. Their second single Anything Goes was released about a week ago and the lyric video for that can be found on the bands Youtube and Vevo pages. You can see upcoming tour dates and everything Steel Panther related at SteelPantherRocks.com

In This Moment

In This Moment

In This Moment

In This Moment

Burden of The Sky Concert Photos

Burden of The Sky Concert Photos
The Castle Theatre
Bloomington, Illinois


Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Burden of The Sky

Devour The Day

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Devour The Day (Promo Photo-Lindsey Brynes)

Formed 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee, United State of America

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Blake Allison, vocalist, guitarist

     @blake_dtd Instagram

     @blakedtd Twitter

Joey “Chicago” Walser, bassist, backing vocals

     @joey_chicago Instagram

Ronnie Farris, drummer

      @ronniefarris Instagram

      @RonnieFarris Twitter

David Hoffman, lead guitarist, backing vocalist

      @devour_the_david Instagram

  @devourtheday Instagram

   @devourtheday Twitter

   Devour The Day’s Facebook

    Devour The Day’s YouTube

Devour The Day’s Website

Resources: Accessed 10-5-2016.



The Dead Daisies – Concert Photo Gallery – 8/20/16 Rockford, IL.

The Dead Daisies are currently out on tour in the U.S. as the opening act for KISS, on the latter’s Freedom to Rock Tour (complete The Dead Daisies photo gallery below).

Dead Daisies 2016-08-20 web image-00041

The Daisies are supporting their new record, Make Some Noise, which is their third album, and the first with new guitarist, Doug Aldrich, who is best known for his stint in Whitesnake, but has played with Glenn Hughes and others (the rest of the band consists of singer John Corabi, Drummer Brian Tichy, bassist Marco Mendoza, and rhythm guitarist David Lowy).

Dead Daisies 2016-08-20 web image-09998-3

Make Some Noise is a straight up “dirty” (as I think Dough Aldrich described it) rock record with shades of vintage Aerosmith along with other influences, mixed with a Los Angeles, Sunset Strip vibe. Fans of Corabi’s one album stint as the singer in Motley Crue in the early 90’s will certainly find something to like with this collection of songs, as John’s vocal punch and delivery from that era remains in effect and is reminiscent of the style he displayed on Motley’s self titled album. Brian Tichy hits hard and with great groove, and meshes well with Mendoza and Lowy to round out this quintet.

Dead Daisies 2016-08-20 web image-09110Dead Daisies 2016-08-20 web image-00031

The group is musically tight, but plays with a loose demeanor that created an enjoyable performance on 8/20/16 in Rockford, IL., as the band came on about 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled start time, but got to play for close to an hour in the opening slot covering a good deal of ground.

You can follow The Dead Daisies on their website at www.thedeaddaisies.com , and they’ve got a pretty active social media presence on the band’s and individual members’ various social media accounts (which can be linked to from their website) which often consists of daily photos/updates, and even video clips from backstage, the road and their promotional appearances while on tour.


Atreyu Concert Photos

Atreyu Concert Photos
Vans Warped Tour
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas

Brandon Saller

Brandon Saller

Dan Jacobs

Dan Jacobs

Marc McKnight

Marc McKnight

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas

Marc McKnight

Marc McKnight

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas



Marc McKnight

Marc McKnight

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas



Alex Varkatzas

Alex Varkatzas



Watch our exclusive interview with Brandon of Atreyu:


Cheap Trick – Concert Review & Gallery – 7/19/16 Northerly Island, Chicago, IL.

Cheap Trick is out on the road this summer as part of the “Rock Hall Three For All” tour featuring their fellow Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Joan Jett and Heart, and made a stop in in their hometown (well… their 2nd hometown, after Rockford, IL.) Chicago on 7/19/16 at Northerly Island. This was the 4th stop on a tour which is currently scheduled to the beginning of October.

Cheap Trick - 7/19/16 Northerly Island - Chicago, IL.

The band is out in support of their wonderful new album (w/ the odd title), “Bang, Zoom Crazy…Hello,” which rocks from the opening to the closing note, and is also notable as the group’s first album with Daxx Nielsen, guitarist Rick Nielsen’s son, on drums.

Cheap Trick - 7/19/16 Northerly Island - Chicago, IL.

While Cheap Trick is opening the shows on this tour, don’t be fooled because they are headliners who just happen to be playing first (my guess is that they were added to the tour after the Heart/Joan Jett lineup was already set). They pack their hour long set with hits and new songs, and switch up the setlist from night to night, showing the depth of their catalog.

Cheap Trick - 7/19/16 Northerly Island - Chicago, IL.

Daxx Nielsen brings a great energy to the group, and Tom Petersson always lays down a solid base to the rhythm section with his 12 string bass. Rick Nielsen is the master of ceremonies with his distinctive guitar work, quirky presence and personality. And Robin Zander is simply a freak of nature the way his voice has retained its range and tone decades after he began his long run fronting one of America’s rock ‘n’ roll treasures.

Cheap Trick - 7/19/16 Northerly Island - Chicago, IL.

Cheap Trick still wants you to want them, and with their new album they are showing they are still worthy of our desire.

Set List Below:

Heart – Concert Photo gallery – 7/19/16 Northerly Island, Chicago, IL.

Heart have set out a summer tour with two of their fellow Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick, called “Rock Hall Three For All,” with the 4th stop on the tour in Chicago at the Northerly Island venue on 7/19/16. Dates for the tour are currently scheduled to early October.

Heart - July 19, 2016 Northerly Island - Chicago, IL.Heart - July 19, 2016 Northerly Island - Chicago, IL.

The tour is in support of the group’s new album, Beautiful Broken, mixing old classics with new music. Bestrocklist.com was on hand for the proceedings and brings this photo gallery to show readers what the party looked like.

Set List:

  1. Encore:

  2. Love Hurts (w/ Cheap Trick)

Heart news and info can be found at their website at: http://www.heart-music.com/welcome , as well as their social media accounts.

Whitesnake – Concert Review & Photos – 6/10/16 Hammond, IN.

Whitesnake – “Greatest Hits Tour – 2016”

6/10/16 – The Venue, Horseshoe Casino – Hammond, IN.

By Bradley Todd

Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.

Whitesnake, fresh off lead singer & band leader, David Coverdale’s April Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction with his former group, Deep Purple, are back on the road for the “Greatest Hits Tour – 2016.”

Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.

The tour kicked off on June 1st and rolled into The Venue at Horseshoe Casino, in Hammond, IN. on Friday 6/10/16 for the 6th show of a summer trek that will see Whitesnake cover Midwest and East Coast dates to July 2, before heading overseas to Europe for shows currently announced on their website through August, 13th. Whitford St. Holmes (the side project from Aerosmith guitarist, Brad Whitford, and Ted Nugent singer/guitarist, Derek St. Holmes) is opening the US leg of the tour, though they didn’t open this particular show (…and as a side note, Whitford St. Holmes has a great new rock record out and is fun to see live – previous coverage of their record preview tour can be found here: Show Review – http://bestrocklist.com/whitford-st-holmes-concert-review/ and Photos – http://bestrocklist.com/whitford-st-holmes-concert-photos/ ).

Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.

As the tour’s title suggests, they’re playing all the hits with the setlist taken from the band’s three 80’s albums: Slide It In (1984), Whitesnake (1987), and Slip Of The Tongue (1989). Mr. Coverdale has re-assembled a talented cadre of musicians for the current incarnation of the band after a couple of departures over the past few years. The group currently consists of drumming legend, Tommy Aldridge (who is in his third stint with the group, and still plays with great flair and hits the skins hard as hell!), Reb Beach on the twin guitar attack along with Joel Hoekstra, Michael Devin on bass, and newcomer to the band, Michele Luppi on keyboards.

Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.

The band’s talent shone through on this night and they sounded well rehearsed and tight despite it being early in the tour. David Coverdale’s voice sounded good too, even though he was making reference to having a “summer cold” and encouraged audience participation sing alongs to finish verses and bolster choruses. But little encouragement was needed for fans, which seemed to be an equal mix of men and women, to sing along to Whitesnake’s catchy, indelible melodies and lyrics. If Mr. Coverdale was feeling under the weather in any way, it was hard to tell based on the good spirits he was in, and his jovial interactions with fans up front with whom he was giving hand slaps and mugging for cell phone pictures.

Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.

In addition to the hits, the set also included solo spotlights for each guitar player, bassist and drummer, and lasted approximately 90 minutes.

**More Photos Below Setlist**


  1. Bad Boys
  2. Slide It In
  3. Love Ain’t No Stranger
  4. The Deeper The Love
  5. Fool For Your Lovin’
  6. Sailing Ships
  7. Judgment Day


  1. Slow & Easy
  2. Cryin’ In The Rain


  1. Is This Love
  2. Gimme All Your Love
  3. Here I Go Again


  1. Still Of The Night


Future tour dates and Whitesnake news can be found on the band’s website: www.whitesnake.com .

Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN. Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.Whitesnake - June 10, 2016 Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN.


Parkway Drive

Best Rock Band List

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive Image
Parkway Drive

Formed 2003 in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Winston McCall, vocalist

     @winstontmc Instagram

@winstontmccall Twitter

Jeff Ling, lead guitarist

    @jefflingpwd Instagram

Luke “Pig” Kilpatrick, rhythm guitarist

    @lukekilp Instagram

Ben “Gaz” Gordon, drummer

    @benxgordon Instagram

Jia “Pie” O’Connor, bass guitarist

    @piebrown Instagram

  @parkwaydriveofficial Instagram

   @parkwayofficial Twitter

   Parkway Drive’s Facebook

Parkway Drive’s Website

Parkway Drive’s Wikipedia

Resources: Accessed 03-18-2016

Ghost Concert Review

Ghost Concert Review
The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, Illinois


Ghost at The Castle Theatre


Grammy Award winners Ghost sold out The Castle Theatre in Bloomington, Illinois. Ghost is a Swedish metal band who has three albums under its belt with three different lead singers. Ghost is the antithesis of Catholicism where they worship the devil. They are lead by Papa Emeritus whose costume is similar to that of the Pope. Ghost had been to Bloomington before opening for Avenged Sevenfold in 2013. That lineup consisted of Papa Emeritus II who has since been replaced with Papa Emeritus III.

Swedish death metallers, Tribulation, opened the show and the band is a little harder than Ghost’s melodic metal. Tribulation’s style is complementary to Ghost. They have a dark stage presence. They were all dressed in dark clothing and wore makeup. Guitarist Jonathan Hultén looked like a zombie Peter Frampton. He is also a well know artist who has created word for other bands under the name Necromantic Art. Their singer, Johannes Andersson, had a green light shining on him throughout the set.

You can find out more about Tribulation:
Tribulation Website


Click to view complete Tribulation Photo Gallery
















Ghost’s album Meliora was released August 21, 2015. The album has received numerous awards. It won Best Hard Rock/Metal Album at the Grammis Awards (the Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards). The song “Cirice” won the Grammy for 2016 Best Metal Performance. The album made Best Rock List’s Best Rock Albums of 2015. See all the best here: Best Rock Albums 2015

The Castle Theatre is a one hundred-year-old theater has a capacity of approximately seven hundred. Ghost’s backdrop was a three-paned stained glass including Moloch(a devil character) in the center pane. Moloch was flanked by a normal looking man in a tuxedo and a woman who looked like she was out of the 1920s with her breasts were exposed. All the figures were set in the fabled city of Meliora which is an art deco modern city. The artwork is likely that of the artist known as Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbigniew M. Bielak. A link to his work shows a limited edition panel for each song off the Meliora album. See that amazing work here: Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbigniew M. Bielak

Ghost’s tour to the smaller venues is an amazing show as their light show is one of the best I have seen. The lights enhance their songs perfectly. They stay with the Catholicism theme using a thurible during one of their songs. Giving sacrament by using two ladies from the audience to give communion wafers and wine. Ghost has really reinvented their sound with Papa Emeritus III. The older songs do sound better with the new Papa. Hearing “Cirice” live reinforced the Grammy Award as it a perfect song.  The Nameless Ghouls wore masks that would represent Moloch as well. Ghost has a few more dates in the United States before they return to Europe.  You can see their full schedule on their website: Ghost’s Website


Click to view complete Ghost Concert Photo Gallery

From Ashes To New

Best Rock Band List

From Ashes To New

From Ashes To New

Formed 2013 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Matt Brandyberry, rapper

     @mattfatn Instagram

@MattFATN Twitter

Matt Brandyberry Facebook

Chris Musser, vocalist

    @infamuss Instagram

    Chris Musser Facebook

    @MusserChris Twitter

Dan Kecki, guitarist

    @DanKecki Twitter

Branden “Boo” Kreider, guitarist

    Branden’s Facebook

Garrett Russell, bassist 

   @garrettFATN Instagram

   @garrettFATN Twitter 

Tim D’Onofrio, drummer

    @timdonofrio Instagram

    Tim D’Onofrio’s Facebook

  @fromashestonew Instagram

   @FromAshesToNew Twitter

   From Ashes To New’s Facebook

 Icon For Hire    From Ashes To New’s YouTube

  Icon For Hire  From Ashes To New’s MySpace

Resources: Accessed 7-7-2015


Best Rock Band List

P.O.D. (Payable On Death)


Formed 1992 in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Sonny Sandoval, vocalist

    @sonnywhosoever Instagram

    @sonnywhosoever Twitter

Wuv Bernardo, drummer 

    Wuv’s Facebook

    @wuvywuv Twitter

Traa Daniels, bassist

    @traadaniels Instagram

    Traa’s Facebook

    @traapod Twitter

Marcos Curiel, guitarist

    @officialmarcoscuriel Instagram

    @marcoscuriel Twitter


  @pod Instagram

   @POD Twitter

   P.O.D.’s Facebook

 Icon For Hire    P.O.D.’s YouTube

  Icon For Hire  P.O.D.’s MySpace

P.O.D.’s Wikipedia

Resources: Accessed 7-7-2015







Icon For Hire

Best Rock Band List

Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire

Formed 2007 in Decatur, Illinois, United States

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Ariel, vocalist

    @arielforhire Instagram

    @BarbieAriel Twitter

Shawn Jump, guitarist

    @shawn_jump Instagram

    @shawnjump Twitter

Adam Kronshagen, drummer

    @adamkronshagen Twitter

  @iconforhire Instagram

   @iconforhire Twitter

   Icon For Hire’s Facebook

 Icon For Hire    Icon For Hire’s YouTube

  Icon For Hire  Icon For Hire’s MySpace

Icon For Hire’s Wikipedia

Resources: Accessed 6-6-2015

The Amity Affliction

Best Rock Band List

The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction

Formed 2003 in Gympie, Queensland

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Joel Birch, unclean vocalist

    @joeldtd Instagram

    @joelDTD Twitter

Ahren Stringer, vocalist and bassist

    @stringdtd Instagram

    @stringDTD Twitter

Dan Brown, guitarist

Ryan Burt, drummer

    @ryanrburt Instagram

    @RyRyMTD Twitter

  @theamityaffliction Instagram

   @amityaffliction Twitter

   The Amity Affliction’s Facebook

 All That Remains    The Amity Affliction’s YouTube

  All That Remains  The Amity Affliction’s MySpace

The Amity Affliction’s Wikipedia

The Amity Affliction’s Website

Resources: Accessed 6-6-2015


Arctic Monkeys

Best Rock Band List

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys (Photo from Arctic Monkeys France)

Formed 2002 in Sheffield, England

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Alex Turner, vocalist and guitarist

Jamie Cook, guitarist

Nick O’Malley, bassist

Matthew Helders, drummer

   @ArcticMonkeys Twitter

   Arctic Monkey’s Facebook

 All That Remains    Arctic Monkey’s YouTube

Arctic Monkey’s Wikipedia

Arctic Monkey’s Website

Resources: Accessed 2-20-2015

Modest Mouse

Best Rock Band List

Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse (Photo from Holy City Sinner)

Formed 1993 in Issaquah, Washington, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Isaac Brock, vocalist

Jeremiah Green, drummer

Tom Peloso, guitarist

Russell Higbee, bassist

Jim Fairchild, guitarist, vocalist

     @kjirby Instagram

Lisa Molinaro, violinist

Davey Brozowski, drummer 

  @modestmouse Instagram

   @modestmouseband Twitter

   Modest Mouse’s Facebook

 All That Remains    Modest Mouses’s YouTube

  All That Remains  Modest Mouse’s MySpace

Modest Mouse’s Wikipedia

Modest Mouse’s Website

Resources: Accessed 2-19-2015


Best Band List


Shaun Morgan of Seether

Formed 1999 in Pretoria, South Africa

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Shaun Morgan, vocalist and guitarist

Dale Stewart, bassist, backing vocalist

John Humphrey, drummer

Bryan Wickmann, lead guitarist, backing vocalist

  @seetherofficial Instagram

   @SeetherOfficial Twitter

   Seether’s Facebook

 All That Remains    Seether’s YouTube

  All That Remains  Seether’s MySpace

Seether’s Wikipedia

Seether’s Website

Resources: Accessed 02-04-2015


Best Band List


Islander(Photo from Islander’s facebook)

Formed 2011 in Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Mikey Carvajal, vocalist

     @mikeycarvajal Instagram

     @MikeyWhosever Twitter

Chris Doot, bassist 

    @doot Instagram

    @DootManiac Twitter

Eric Frazier, drums

      @drum_n_coke Instagram

J.R. Bareis, guitarist

    @jr_bareis Instagram

    @JRBareis Twitter

    @J.r.Bareis Facebook

  @weareislander Instagram

   @weareISLANDER Twitter

   Islander’s Facebook

    Islander’s YouTube

Islander’s Wikipedia

Resources: Accessed  1-23-2014.

Red Sun Rising

Best Band List


Red Sun Rising (Photo from Red Sun Rising’s website)

Formed 2007 in Akron, Ohio, United States

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Mike Protich, vocalist, guitarist

     @mikeprotich Instagram

     @MikeProtich Twitter

Ryan Williams, guitarist

Tyler Valendza, guitarist

      @tylervalendza Instagram

      @TylerValendza Twitter

  @rsrband Instagram

   @RSRrocks Twitter

   Red Sun Rising’s Facebook

    Red Sun Rising’s YouTube

Red Sun Rising’s Website

Resources: Accessed 12-2-2014.


Best Rock Band List


Slipknot (Photo from Rock Axis)

Formed 1995 in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Shawn Crahan Clown, percussionist

     @6cl6wn6 Instagram

     @MShawnCrahan Twitter

     Shawn Crahan Facebook

Mick Thomson, guitarist

Corey Taylor, vocalist

    @CoreyTaylorRock Twitter

    Corey Taylor’s Facebook

Sid Wilson, turntablist

    Sid Wilson Facebook

Christopher Fehn, percussionist

Jim Root, guitarist

    Jim Root’s Facebook

Alessandro Venturella, bassist

    @vmanshreds Instagram (private)

Jay Weinberg, drummer

    @jayweinberg Instagram

    @jayweinbergdrum Twitter

  @slipknot Instagram

   @slipknot Twitter

   Slipknot’s Facebook

 All That Remains    Slipknot’s YouTube

  All That Remains  Slipknot’s MySpace

Slipknot’s Wikipedia

Slipknot’s Website

Resources: Accessed 11-12-2014.  Updated 5-17-2015.


Best Band List


Korn (Photo from Wikipedia)

Formed 1993 in Bakersfield, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Jonathan Davis, vocalist

     @jdevil33 Instagram


     Jonathan Davis Facebook

James “Munky” Shaffer, guitarist

     @munky_korn Instagram

     @JC_SHAFFER Twitter

     Munky’s Facebook

Brian Head Welch, guitarist

     @brianheadwelch Instagram

     @brianheadwelch Twitter

     Brian Head Welch’s Facebook

Reginald Fieldy Arvizu, bassist

    @fieldykorn Instagram

    @fieldyofficial Twitter

    Fieldy’s Facebook

Ray Luzier, drummer

     @rayluzierkorn Instagram

    @RayLuzier1 Twitter

     Ray Luzier Facebook

  @korn_official Instagram

   @Korn Twitter

   Korn’s Facebook

 All That Remains    Korn’s YouTube

  All That Remains  Korn’s MySpace

Korn’s Wikipedia

Korn’s Website

Resources: Accessed 10-18-2014.



Thousand Foot Krutch

Best Band List


Thousand Foot Krutch (Photo from TFK’s website)

Formed 1995 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Trevor McNevan, vocalist, guitarist

     @teerawk Instagram

     @TFKTrevor Twitter

Steve Augustine, drummer

     @tfksteve Instagram

     @TFK_Steve Twitter

Joel Bruyere, bassist, backing vocalist

      @joelbruyere Instagram

      @TFKJoel Twitter

  @officialtfk Instagram

   @OfficialTFK Twitter

   Thousand Foot Krutch’s Facebook

    Thousand Foot Krutch’s YouTube


Resources: Accessed 10-6-2014.



Letters From The Fire

Best Band List


Letters From The Fire (BottleRockNapaValley.com)

Formed 2012 in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Elliot Weber, vocalist

     @elliotjweber Instagram (private)

     @elliotjweber Twitter

Mike Keller, guitar

    @MikeKellerLFTF Twitter

Grayson Hurd, guitarist

     @graysonkhurd Instagram 

     @GraysonKHurd Twitter

Clayton Wages, bassist

     @friskydingo666 Instagram 

Ben Anderson, drums

     @benanders0n Instagram 

     @benanders0nn Twitter

  @lftfmusic Instagram

   @LFTFMusic Twitter

   Letters From The Fire’s Facebook

    Letters From The Fire’s YouTube

Resources: Accessed 9-28-2014.



Righteous Vendetta

Best Band List


Righteous Vendetta (Photo from Righteous Vendetta’s Facebook)

Formed 2008 in Cody, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Ryan Hayes, vocalist

     @ryanvendetta Instagram

Justin Olmstead, guitarist

     @justinvendetta Instagram

     @rvjustin Twitter

Carl Heiman, guitarist

      @carlvendetta Instagram

Zack Goggins, drummer

     @zackvendetta Instagram

Riley Haynie, bass guitarist

     @rileyvendetta Instagram

     @rileyhaynie Twitter

  @righteousvendetta Instagram

   @rvmusiconline Twitter

   Righteous Vendetta’s Facebook

    Righteous Vendetta’s YouTube


Resources: Accessed 9-20-2014.



Buckcherry Photo Gallery Uproar

Buckcherry Photo Gallery  Rockstar Uproar  ~Peru, Illinois

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Xavier Muriel (drums) and Kelly LeMieux (bass) of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Stevie Decanay of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Xavier Muriel and Kelly LeMieux of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Keith Nelson of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Stevie Decanay and Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Stevie Decanay of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Xavier Muriel and Kelly LeMieux of Buckcherry

Close Your Eyes

Best Band List


Close Your Eyes (Photo from AltPress.com)

Formed 2005 in Abilene, Texas, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Sam Ryder Robinson, lead vocalist

     @samhairwolfryder Instagram

Jordan Hatfield, drummer

Bobby VaLeu, guitarist

     @bobby2heads Instagram

     @Bobby2heads Twitter

Alex Whitten, bassist, backing vocalist

     @alex-whitten Instagram

     @AlexWhitten Twitter

Brett Callaway, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist

    @bcalcye Instagram

    @bcalcye Twitter

  @cyeband Instagram

   @CYEband Twitter

    Close Your Eyes’  Facebook

    Close Your Eyes’ YouTube

Close Your Eyes’  Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-28-2014.



Escape The Fate

Best Band List


Escape The Fate (Photo from AltPress.com)

Formed 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Craig Mabbitt, lead vocalist

     @craigmabbitt Instagram

     @craigmabbitt Twitter

Robert Ortiz, drummer, percussionist, backing vocalist

     @robertthelegend Instagram

     @Robertthelegend Twitter

Thomas ‘TJ’ Bell, bassist

     @tjbelletf Instagram

     @tjbell Twitter

Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft, guitarist

    @kthrash Instagram

    @kthrash Twitter

  @escapethefate Instagram

   @EscapeTheFate Twitter

   Escape The Fate’s Facebook

    Escape The Fate’s YouTube


Escape The Fate’s Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-27-2014.



The Maine

Best Band List


The Maine (Photo from The Maine’s Website)

Formed 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

John O’Callaghan, lead vocalist, pianist, guitarist

     @thefifthjohn Instagram

     @johnmaine Twitter

Kennedy Brock, guitarist

     @crosseyedtiger Instagram

     @kennedymaine Twitter

Pat Kirch, drummer

     @patmaine Instagram

     @patmaine Twitter

Garrett Nickelsen, bass guitarist

     @themainegarrett Instagram

     @garrettmaine Twitter

Jared Monaco, guitarist

    @jaredmaine Instagram

    @jaredmaine Twitter

  @themaineband Instagram

   @TheMaine Twitter

   The Maine’s Facebook

    The Maine’s YouTube


The Maine’s Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-12-2014.



For Today

Best Band List


For Today (Photo from For Today Website)

Formed 2005 in Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Mattie Montgomery, vocalist

     @mattiemontgomery Instagram

     @ForTodayMattie Twitter

Ryan Leitru, lead guitarist, clean vocalist

     @ryanfortoday Instagram

Brandon Leitru, bass guitarist

     @brandonleitru Instagram (private)

Sam Penner, rhythm guitarist

     @SamuelPenner Instagram

     @SamuelPenner Twitter

David Puckett, drummer

    @dpuckairdrums Instagram (private)

     @dpuckairdrums Twitter

  @ForTodayBand Instagram

   @ForTodayBand Twitter

   For Today’s Facebook

    For Today Vevo

For Today’s Website

For Today’s Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-11-2014.



Chelsea Grin

Best Band List


Chelsea Grin (Photo from Revolver)

Formed 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):


Alex Koehler, vocalist

     @akgrin Instagram

     @AKGrin Twitter

Jake Harmond, rhythm guitarist

     @jaekgrin Instagram

     @JaekGrin Twitter

Dan Jones, rhythm guitarist

     @dandangrin Instagram

     @dan_grin Twitter

David Flinn, bassist

Jason Richardson, lead guitarist

    @jasongrin Instagram

    @jasonGRIN Twitter

Pablo Viveros Segura, drummer, clean vocalist

    @pabl0grin Instagram

    @Pabl0GRIN Twitter

  @ChelseaGrin Instagram

   @ChelseaGrinUT Twitter

    Chelsea Grin’s Facebook

    Chelsea Grin Vevo

Chelsea Grin’s Website

Chelsea Grin’s Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-10-2014.



Get Scared

Best Band List


Get Scared (Photo from Fearless Records)

Formed 2008 in Layton, Utah, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Nicholas Matthews, vocalist

     @nicholasgotscared Instagram

     @NicholasScared_ Twitter

Jonathan “Johnny B” Braddock, guitarist, backing vocalist

     @Johnnybscared Instagram

     @JohnnybSCARED Twitter

Bradley “Lloyd” Iverson, bassist, backing vocalist

     @lloydgetscared Instagram

     @lloydgetscared Twitter

Dan Juarez, drummer

    @scaredan Instagram

    @SCAREDeDAN Twitter

Adam Virostko, guitarist 

    @adamvscared Instagram

    @AdamvSCARED Twitter

  @wegetscared Instagram

   @WeGetScared Twitter

    Get Scared’s Facebook

 Resources: Accessed 8-4-2014.



Alive Like Me

Best Band List


Alive Like Me (Photo from Rise Records)

Formed 2013 in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):


Jairus Kersey, vocalist

     @jairuskersey Instagram

     @JairusKersey Twitter

Brandon Banton, guitarist

     @BrandonBanton Instagram

     @BrandonBanto Twitter

David Knox, bassist, vocalist

     @david.knox Instagram

     @david_knox_ Twitter

Joel Riley, drummer

    @joelriley_alm Instagram

    @joelriley_alm Twitter

Dakota Dufloth, guitarist, vocalist

    @duffluff_alm Instagram

    @Dakota_Dufloth Twitter

  @AliveLikeMe Instagram

   @AliveLikeMeBand Twitter

    Alive Like Me’s Facebook

 Resources: Accessed 8-3-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Steven Tyler, lead vocalist

     @iamstevent Instagram

     @IamStevenT Twitter

     Steven Tyler’s Facebook

Tom Hamilton, bassist

    @THaerosmith Twitter

Joey Kramer, drummer

    @joeykramer Twitter

Joe Perry, lead guitarist, vocalist

    @JoePerry Twitter

Brad Whitford, rhythm guitarist

  @Aerosmith Instagram

   @Aerosmith Twitter

    Aerosmith’s Facebook

 Aerosmith Vevo


Aerosmth’s Wikipedia

Resources: Accessed 7-12-2014.



Black Stone Cherry

Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Chris Robertson, lead vocalist, guitarist

Ben Wells, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist

Jon Lawhon, bassist, backing vocalist

John Fred Young, drummer, percussionist, piano, backing vocalist

  @blackstonecherryofficial Instagram

   @BlkStoneCherry Twitter

    Black Stone Cherry’s Facebook



Black Stone Cherry’s Wikipedia

Resources: Accessed 7-12-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Jeffrey Nothing Hatrix, vocalist

     @JeffNothing Twitter

    Jeffrey Nothing’s Facebook

Jason “J. Mann” Popson, vocalist

Tom “Shmotz” Schmitz, keyboardist

     @timshmotz43 Instagram

     @keyoda43 Twitter

Steve “Skinny” Felton, drummer

     @skinnymac216 Instagram

Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas, turntables, samples, and programming

Waylon Reavis, unclean vocalist, clean vocalist

     @waylon_reavis_official Instagram

     @WaylonMRH Twitter 

Tommy Church, guitarist

Ryan “Dr. F” Farrell, bassist

Robbie “Robert Diablo” Godsey, drummer, custom percussionist

   @Mushroomhead Twitter

    Mushroomhead’s Facebook




Resources: Accessed 7-5-2014.



Courage My Love

Best Band List


Formed 2009 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Mercedes Arn-Horn, lead vocalist, guitarist

      @mercedesarnhorn Instagram

      @mercedesarnhorn Twitter

Phoenix Arn-Horndrummer

     @phoenixarnhorn Instagram

     @phoenixarnhorn Twitter

Brandon Lockwood, bassist, backing vocalist

      @brandolockrissian Instagram

      @BrandonLockwood Twitter

      Brandon’s Facebook

  @couragemylove Instagram

   @CourageMyLove Twitter

    Courage My Love’s  Facebook

   Courage My Love’s  YouTube



Resources: Accessed 6-28-2014.


Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Dameon Aranda, guitarist      

Gabe Aranda, vocalist

Mike Walker, drummer

B. Webb, bassist 

      @brinewebb Instagram (private)

      @brinewebb Twitter

  @arandamusic Instagram


    Aranda’s Facebook




Resources: Accessed 6-28-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 2008 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Tony Castaneda, bassist, back up vocalist

      @Kyngbasstone Instagram

      @Kyngbasstone Twitter

Pepe Clarke Magañadrummer

     @kyngpepe Instagram

     @kyngpepe Twitter

Eddie Veliz, vocalist, guitarist

      @kyngeddie Instagram

      @KyngEddie Twitter

  @kyngband Instagram

   @Kyngband Twitter

    Kyng’s  Facebook



Resources: Accessed 6-8-2014.

Breathe Carolina

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

David Schmitt, lead vocalist, keyboardist, synthesizer, guitarist, drummer

      @davidlovesitalways Instagram

      @davidlovesit Twitter

Eric Armentadrummer

     @planeteric Instagram

      @PlanetEZ Twitter

Luis Bonet, DJ, Keyboards, programming

      @LouHatesBands Twitter

      @loutography Instagram

Tommy Cooperman, guitarist, bassist, synth, programming

      @ohheytommy Instagram

      @ohheytommyy Twitter


  @breathecarolina Instagram

   @breathecarolina Twitter

    Breathe Carolina’s  Facebook




Resources: Accessed 6-6-2014.



Gemini Syndrome

Best Band List


Formed 2010 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Aaron Nordstrom, vocalist

     @Aaron23syndrome Twitter

     @aaronnordstrom Instagram

     Aaron’s Facebook

Rich Juzwickguitarist

     @JuzwickSyndrome Twitter

     @juzwicksyndrome Instagram

     Rich’s Facebook

Mike Salerno, guitarist, vocalist

      @MikeSalerno Twitter

      @mikesalernogs Instagram

AP, bassist

     @AP_Syndrome Twitter

     @ap_syndrome Instagram

Brian Steele Medina, drumme

    @sinmafia Twitter 

    @steelemedina Instagram

    Steele’s Facebook

  @geminisyndrome Instagram

   @GeminiSyndrome Twitter

    Gemini Syndrome’s  Facebook

    Gemini Syndrome’s YouTube


Resources: Accessed 5-28-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 2011 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Brandon Yeagley, vocalist, harpist

      Brandon’s Facebook 

Bishopguitarist, vocalist

     Bishop’s Facebook

Jake Figueroa, bassist

      @Jakecrobot Twitter

      @jakecrobot Instagram

Paul Figueroa, drummer

     @paulcrobot Instagram

  @crobotband Instagram

   @Crobotband Twitter

    Crobot’s  Facebook

    Crobot’s YouTube


Resources: Accessed 5-28-2014.



Pop Evil

Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Leigh Kakaty, vocalist 

Chachi Riot (AKA Josh Marunde)drums

      @ChachiRiot Twitter

      @chachiriot Instagram

Dave Grahs, rhythm and lead guitarist 

Matt Dirito, bassist

     @MattDiRito Twitter

Nick Fuelling, lead and rhythm guitarist

    @Nick_Fuel Twitter

    @nickfuelling Instagram

  @popevil Instagram

     @PopEvil Twitter

    Pop Evil’s  Facebook

    Pop Evil’s MySpace

     Pop Evil’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 5-9-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 2000 in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Matt Heafy, vocalist and rhythm guitarist

     @mattkheafy Twitter

     @kiichichaos Instagram

      Matt’s blog

      Matt’s Tumblr

      Matt’s Facebook

Corey Beaulieu, lead guitarist

      @coreytrivium Twitter

      @coreytrivium Instagram

Paolo Gregoletto, bassist

     @TriviumPaolo Twitter

     @triviumpaolo Instagram

     Paolo’s SoundCloud

     Paolo’s Clothing Line

Mat Madiro, drummer

     @MatMadiro Twitter

     @matmadiro Instagram 

  @triviumband Instagram

     @TriviumOfficial Twitter

    Trivium’s  Facebook

    Trivium’s MySpace

     Trivium’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 5-1-2014.



Mayday Parade

Best Band List

Mayday Parade

Formed 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Derek Sanders, vocalist 

     @DerekSanders Twitter

Alex Garcia, lead guitarist

      @maydayalex Twitter

 Brooks Betts, rhythm guitarist

      @Schwaun Twitter

      @brooksbetts Instagram

Jeremy Lenzo, bassist

     @jeremylenzo Twitter

Jake Bundrick, drummer

     @jakemaydayp Instagram 

  @maydayparadeband Instagram

     @Mayday_Parade Twitter

    Mayday Parade’s  Facebook

    Mayday Parade’s MySpace

     Mayday Parade’s Vevo



Resources: Accessed 4-30-2014.



For The Fallen Dreams

Best Band List

For The Fallen Dreams

Formed 2003 in Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Chad Ruhlig, vocalist 

     @ChadRuhlig Twitter 

     @chadruhlig Instagram (private)

Jim Hocking, lead guitarist

      @jimFTFD Twitter

      @jimhocking Instagram

Brandon Stastny, bassist

      @ItsReallyJuicy Twitter

      @brandonstastny Instagram

Navid Naghdi, drummer  

     @N4v1d Twitter

     Navid’s Facebook

  @FTFDband Instagram

     @FTFDband Twitter

    FTFD’s  Facebook

    FTFD’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-30-2014.



Adrenaline Mob

Best Band List

Adrenaline Mob

Formed 2011 in New York, New York, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Russell Allen, vocalist (formerly of SymphonyX)

     @SirRussellAllen Twitter 

Mike Orlando, guitarist (also member of Tred)

      @mikeorlando1 Twitter

      Mike’s Website

John Moyer, guitarist (formerly of Disturbed)

      @JohnMoyerBass Twitter

      @johnmoyerbass Instagram

     John’s Website

     Natural Ear Music School

A. J. Pero, drummer  (also member of Twisted Sister)

     @AJPero Twitter

     AJ’s Website 

     @AdrenalineMob Twitter

    Adrenaline Mob’s Facebook

   Adrenaline Mob’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-26-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 2004 in Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Hayley Williams, vocalist

     @yelyahwilliams Twitter 

     @yelyahwilliams Instagram

     Hayley’s Facebook

Jeremy Davis, bassist

      @schzhimmydeanie Twitter

      Jeremy’s Facebook

Taylor York, guitarist

     Taylor’s Facebook

     @paramore Instagram

     @paramore Twitter

    Paramore’s Facebook

   Paramore’s MySpace

   Paramore’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 4-15-2014.



Bring Me The Horizon

Best Band List


Formed 2004 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Oliver Sykes, vocalist

     @sykosociallife Twitter 

     @olobersykes Instagram


Lee Malia, lead guitarist

      @madmanmalia Twitter

      @leemalia Instagram

Matt Kean, bassist 

     @matt__kean Twitter

     @matt__kean Instagram

Matt Nicholls, drummer

     @picklesdtd Twitter

     @picklesdtd Instagram

Jordan Fish, keyboardist

     @JordanFish86 Twitter

     @jordanfish86 Instagram

     @bmthofficial Instagram

     @bmthofficial Twitter

    BMTH’s Facebook

   BMTH‘s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-15-2014.



You Me At Six

Best Band List


Formed 2004 in Weybridge, Surrey, England

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Josh Franceschi, vocalist

     @joshmeatsix Twitter 

     @bricksatmywindow Instagram


Max Helyer, rhythm guitarist

      @Maxmeatsix Twitter

Chris Miller, lead guitarist 

     @chrismeatsix Twitter

Matt Barnes, bassist 

     @mattmeatsix Twitter

     @mattmeatsix Instagram


Dan Flint, drummer, percussionist, sampling

     @danMEATSIX Twitter

    @welcometoflinttown Instagram


    @youmeatsixofficial Instagram

     @youmeatsix Twitter

    YouMeAtSix’s Facebook

   You Me At Six’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 4-14-2014.



Lacuna Coil

Best Band List


Formed 1994 in Milan, Italy, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Cristina Scabbia, vocalist

     @MissScabbia Twitter 

     @missscabbia Instagram

     Cristina’s Facebook

Andrea “Andy” Ferro, vocalist

     @andistructable Instagram

Marco Coti Zelati, bassist, keyboardist

    @maki Instagram

Marco “Maus” Biazzi, guitarist

     @maus666 Instagram

    @lacunacoilofficial Instagram


    Lacuna Coil’s Facebook

   Lacuna Coil’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 4-13-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Dallas, Texas, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Chad Gray,  vocalist  (formerly of Mudvayne)

Tom Maxwell guitarist (formerly of Nothingface)

Vinnie Paul, drummer (formerly of Pantera and Damageplan)

Kyle Sanders, bassist

Christian Brady, guitarist 

    @hellyeahband Twitter

      HellYeah’s Facebook

     HellYeah’s YouTube

   HellYeah’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-8-2014

Nine Inch Nails

Best Band List


Formed 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Trent Reznor,  vocalist 

     @trent_reznor Twitter

     @treznor Instagram

Robin Finck guitarist

     @robinfinck Twitter 

     @robinfinck Instagram

Alessandro Cortini, keyboardist

     @blindoldfreak Twitter

     @alehan Instagram

Ilan Rubin, drummer

     @IlanRubin Twitter

     @IlanRubin Instagram

    @nineinchnails Twitter

   @nineinchnails Instagram

      NIN’s Facebook

     NIN’s YouTube

   NIN’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-6-2014

Van Halen

Best Band List


Formed 1972 in Pasadena, California, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Eddie Van Halen,  guitarist 

     @eddievanhalen Twitter

     Eddie’s Facebook

David Lee Roth, vocalist

     @DavidLeeRoth Twitter

     David’s Facebook

Alex Van Halen, drummer

     @alexvanhalen Twitter

Wolfgang Van Halen, bassist

      @WolfVanHalen  Twitter

      @wolfvanhalen Instagram

    @VanHalen Twitter

      VH’s Facebook

    Van Halen’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-6-2014

Stone Temple Pilots

Best Band List


Formed 1985 in San Diego, California, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Dean DeLeo,  guitarist 

Robert DeLeobassist

     @STPRobertDeLeo Twitter

Eric Kretz, drummer

Chester Bennington, current vocalist *(also vocalist for Linkin Park)

      @ChesterBe Twitter

      Chester Bennington’s Facebook

Scott Weiland, former vocalist  

     @ScottWeilandSTP Twitter

     Scott Weiland’s Facebook 


    @STPBand Twitter

   @stpband Instagram

      STP’s Facebook

     STP’s YouTube

   STP’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-6-2014

Saving Abel

Best Band List


Formed 2004 in Corinth, Mississippi, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Jason Null,  lead guitarist

      @jtnull Twitter

Scott Bartlett, rhythm guitarist

      @ScottBartlett Twitter

Eric Taylor, bassist

Steven Pulley, drummer

Scott Austin, vocalist

    @SavingAbel Twitter

    @thesavingabel Instagram

      Saving Abel’s Facebook

     Saving Abel’s YouTube

   Saving Abel’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-3-2014


Best Band List


Formed 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Chad Kroeger,  vocalist, pianist, keyboardist

      @chadnickelback1 Twitter (protected)

Ryan Peakerhythm guitarist, keyboardist, backing vocalist

      @ryrypeake Twitter (protected)

Mike Kroeger, bassist

Daniel Adair, drummer

     @thedanieladair  Twitter

    @Nickelback Twitter

      Nickelback’s Facebook

     Nickelback’s YouTube

   Nickelback’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 4-3-2014


Best Band List


Formed 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Amy Lee,  vocalist, pianist, keyboardist

      @AmyLeeEV Twitter

Terry Balsamolead guitarist

      @TerryBalsamo Twitter

Tim McCord, bassist

      @Tim_McCord Twitter

      @ttmccord Instagram

Will Hunt, drummer

     @WillFnHunt Twitter

Troy McLawhorn, rhythm guitarist 

    @Troy__McLawhorn Twitter

    @Evanescence Twitter

    @evanescenceofficial Instagram

      Evanescence’s Facebook

     Evanescence’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 3-30-2014

Like Moths to Flames


Formed 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Chris Roetter,  vocalist

      @croetter Twitter

      @croetter Instagram

Aaron Evansbassist

      @SMCAaron Twitter

      @smcaaron Instagram

Eli Ford, lead guitarist

      @_eliford Twitter

     @_eliford Instagram (private)

Zach Huston, rhythm guitarist

     @ZachLMTF Twitter

     @zachlmtf Instagram

Greg Diamond, drummer

    @thegregdiamond Twitter

    @thegregdiamond Instagram

    @LMTF Twitter

    @lmtf Instagram

      LMTF’s Facebook

    LMTF’s  MySpace


Resources: Accessed 3-18-2014

Imagine Dragons

Best Band List


Formed 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Dan Reynolds,  vocalist

      @DanReynolds Twitter

      @danreynold Instagram

Ben McKeebassist, keyboardist, electric mandolin

      @benamckee Twitter

      @benamckee Instagram

       Daniel J Curcio Facebook

Wayne “Wing” Sermon, guitarist, cellist, tom-tom, electric mandolin,

      @Wayne Sermon Twitter

Daniel Platzman, drummer, viola, cajon, snare

    @Imaginedragons Twitter

    @imaginedragons Instagram

      Imagine Dragons’ Facebook

     Imagine Dragons YouTube

    Imagine Dragons MySpace



Resources: Accessed 3-8-2014

Beware of Darkness

Best Band List


Formed 2010 in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Kyle Nicolaides,  vocalist

      @kylemnicolaides Twitter

      @kylenicolaides Instagram

Daniel Curciobassist

      @DCflow87 Twitter

      @danielcurcio Instagram

       Daniel J Curcio Facebook

Tony Copito, drummer

      @TonyCupito Twitter

      @tonycupito Instagram

    @BewareoDarkness Twitter

    @bewareofdarkness Instagram

      Beware of Darkness’ Facebook

     Beware of Darkness YouTube

    Beware of Darkness MySpace



Resources: Accessed 3-7-2014

The Pretty Reckless

Best Band List


Formed 2007 in New York, New York, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Taylor Momsen,  lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist

      @taylormomsen Twitter

      @taylormomsen Instagram

       Taylor Momsen’s Facebook

Ben Phillips, lead guitarist, backing vocals

Mark Damon, bassist

      @MarktheGiant Twitter

Jamie Perkins, drummer, percussionist

      @jamieisgone Twitter

    @TPROfficial Twitter

      TPR’s Facebook

   TPR’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 2-27-2014

Local H

Best Band List


Formed 1990 in Zion, Illinois, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Scott Lucas, vocalist and guitarist

       @dsl151 Twitter

Ryan Harding, drummer

   @localh Twitter

    Local H’s Facebook

   Local H YouTube



Resources: Accessed 2-16-2014

Capture The Crown

Best Band List


Formed 2010 in Syndey, New South Wales, Australia

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Jeffrey Wellfare,  lead vocalist

      @JeffreyWellfare Twitter

      @Jeffrreyctc Instagram

Jye Menzies, guitarist

      @jyemenzies Twitter

      @jyemenzies Instagram

Kris Sheeham, guitarist

      @krisosheehan Twitter

      @krisosheehan Instagram

Blake Ellis, bassist

      @blakeasaurus Twitter

      @blakeellis666 Instagram

Tyler March, drummer

     @CTCTYLER Twitter

     @tylermarchctc Instagram

   @capturethecrown Twitter

    CTC’s Facebook

   CTC’s Instagram

   CTC’s YouTube


Resources: Accessed 2-9-2014

Ice Nine Kills

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Spencer Charnas,  lead vocalist

      @SpencerICE9K Twitter

      @SpencerINK Instagram

Justin deBlieck (JD), lead guitarist, backing vocalist

      @JdiNK Instagram

Justin Morrow, rhythm guitarist, bassist

      @Justiniceninekillerz Instagram

Conor Sullivan, drummer

      @ConorINK Instagram

     @ConorINK Twitter


    Ice Nine Kills Facebook

   Ice Nine Kills Instagram

   Ice Nine Kills MySpace




Resources: Accessed 1-29-2014

Foo Fighters

Best Band List


Formed 1994 in Seattle, Washington, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Dave Grohl,  lead vocalist, guitarist

Taylor Hawkins , drummer

Dave Mendel, bassist

Pat Smear, guitarist

Chris Shiflett, lead guitarist

     @shifty71 Instagram

     @ChrisShiflett71 Twitter

   @foofighters Twitter

    Foo Fighters’ Facebook

   Foo Fighters’ Instagram

   Foo Fighters’ MySpace

   Foo Fighters’ YouTube




Resources: Accessed 1-21-2014

Blue October

Best Band List


Formed 1995 in Houston, Texas, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Justin Furstenfeld,  lead vocalist, guitars

      @Justin_5591 Twitter

Jeremy Furstenfeld, drummer

     @78666ScooterMaf Twitter

Ryan Delahoussaye, violinist, mandolinist, pianist, backing vocalist

C.B. Houston, lead guitarist

     @reflxblue Instagram

Matt Noveskey, bassist

     @wanderlustmatt Twitter

   @blueoctober Twitter

    Blue October’s Facebook

   Blue October’s Instagram

   Blue October’s MySpace

   Blue October’s YouTube




Resources: Accessed 1-21-2014

Art of Dying

Best Band List


Formed 2004 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Jonny Hetherington, vocalist 

      @JonnyArtofDying Twitter

      @jonnyhetherington Instagram

      Jonny Hetherington Facebook

Greg Bradley, guitarist

     @art_of_g1 Instagram

Jeff Brown, drummer

    @drummerjeffy Twitter

Cale Gontier, bassist

     @CaleGontier Twitter

Travis Stanley, guitarist

   @ArtofDying Twitter

    Art of Dying’s Facebook

   Art of Dying’s Instagram

   Art of Dying’s MySpace

  Art of Dying’s YouTube




Resources: Accessed 1-5-2014

Alter Bridge

Best Band List


Formed 2004 in Orlando, Florida USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Myles Kennedy, vocalist and guitarist

      @MylesKennedy Twitter

      @MylesKennedyOfficial Instagram

Mark Tremonti, lead guitarist and backing vocalist

     @MarkTremonti Twitter

     @marktremonti Instagram

     Mark Tremonti Facebook

Brian Marshall, bassist

     @bmarshall73 Instagram

Scott Phillips, drummer

     @scott_phillips Twitter

   @alterbridge Twitter

    Alter Bridge’s Facebook

   Alter Brige’s Instagram

   Alter Bridge’s MySpace

  Alter Bridge’s YouTube





Resources: Accessed 1-4-2014

Fight or Flight

Best Band List


Formed April 2013 in Chicago, IL  USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Dan Chandler, vocalist 

      @Chandler_EB Twitter

      Dan Chandler’s Facebook

      @chandlerofficial Instagram

Dan Donegan, lead guitarist

     @DanDoneganGtr Twitter

     @dandonegan Instagram

Mike Wengren, drummer

     @MikeWengren Twitter

      Mike Wengren’s Facebook

     @mikewengren Instagram

Sean Corcoran, bassist

     @Seancorcoran113 Twitter

     @seancorcoran113 Instagram

Jeremy Jayson, rhythm guitarist

     @TheJeremyJayson Twitter

     @jeremyjayson Instagram

   @fightorflight Twitter

    Fight or Flight’s Facebook

   Fight or Flight’s Instagram




Resources: Accessed 11-23-2013.

The Word Alive

Best Band List


Formed 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Telle Smith, vocalist 

      @TelleTWA Twitter

      @TelleTWA Instagram

Tony Pizzuti, rhythm guitarist

     @twatonyp Twitter

     @tonypizzuti Instagram

Zack Hansen, lead guitarist

     @twazack Twitter

     @zackhansen Instagram

Daniel Shapiro, bassist


     @danielsonshapiro Instagram

Luke Holland, drummer 

     @LukeHollandd Twitter

     @lukehollandd Instagram


     Luke’s Facebook

   @TheWordAlive Twitter

    TWA’s Facebook

   TWA’s Instagram

   TWA’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 11-7-2013.

Stone Sour

Best Band List


Formed 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Corey Taylor, vocalist

     @CoreyTaylorRock Twitter


Jim Root, guitarist 

Josh Rand, guitarist

Ray Mayorga, drummer

   @WeAreStoneSour Twitter

    Stone Sour Facebook

   Stone Sour Instagram

   Stone Sour MySpace




Resources: Accessed 10-31-2013.

I See Stars

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Warren, Michigan USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Devin Oliver, clean vocalist

     @devinoliver Twitter

Brent Allen, lead guitarist 

      @Brent_A Twitter

Jeff Valentine, bassist

     @issjeff Twitter

Jimmy Gregerson, rhythm guitarist

     @jimmyjuiceboxx Twitter

Andrew Oliver, drummer 

     @AndyJamesOliver Twitter


Zach Johnson, unclean vocalist, keyboardist

    @ZACHaRYYYj Twitter 

   @iseestarsmusic Twitter

    I See Stars’ Facebook

   I See Stars’ Instagram

   I See Stars’ MySpace




Resources: Accessed 10-31-2013.

Breaking Benjamin

Best Band List


Formed 1998 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA (on hiatus since 2010)

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Benjamin Burnley, vocalist

     @benburnleybb Twitter 

Shaun Foist, drummer

     @shaun_foist_official Instagram

     @shaunfoist Twitter

     Shaun Foist’s Facebook

Aaron Bruch, bassist

    @aaron_bruch Twitter

    Aaron Bruch’s Facebook

Jasen Rauch, guitarist

    @jasenrauch Instagram (private)

    @jasenrauch Twitter 

    Jasen Rauch Facebook 

Keith Wallen, guitarist

     @kjwallen Instagram

     @kjwallen Twitter

     Keith Wallen’s Facebookx

Former Members

Aaron Fink, guitarist

Mark Klepaski, bassist

Chad Szeliga, drummer

    @chadszeliga Twitter

@breakingbenj Twitter

  Breaking Benjamin’s Facebook

  Breaking Benjamin’s YouTube

 A Day To Remember  Breaking Benjamin’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 10-21-2013.  Updated 8/20/2014



Pearl Jam

Best Band List


Formed 1990 in Seattle, Washington, USA

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Eddie Vedder, vocalist

     Eddie Vedder’s Facebook

Stone Gossard, guitarist

     @SGossard Twitter

     Stone Gossard Facebook

Jeff Ament, bassist

    Jeff Ament’s Facebook 

Mike McCready, guitarist

    @MikeMcCreadyPJ Twitter

     Mike McCready’s Facebook 

Matt Cameron, drummer

    Matt Cameron’s Facebook

@PearlJam Twitter

  Pearl Jam’s Facebook

@pearljamofficial Instagram

Pearl Jam’s YouTube

 A Day To Remember  Pearl Jam’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 10-21-2013.



Stars In Stereo

Best Band List


Formed 2011 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Bec Hollcraft , vocalist

@BecHollcraft Twitter

@bechollcraft Instagram

Jordan McGraw, guitarist

@JM-SinS Twitter

@jm_sins Instagram

Frogs McCormack, bassist

@FrogsInStereo Twitter

@frogsinstereo Instagram

Drew Langan, drummer

@drewlangan Twitter

@drewlangan Instagram

@Stars_In_Stereo Twitter

SinS’ Facebook

@starsinstereo Instagram

SinS’ YouTube


Resources: Accessed 10-5-2013.



Sleeping With Sirens

Best Band List


Formed 2009 in Orlando, Florida, USA

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Kellin Quinn , vocalist, keyboardist

     @kellinquinn Twitter

     @kellinquinn Instagram


Justin Hills, bassist 

     @JustinNFJK Twitter

     @justinnfjk Instagram

Gabe Barham, drummer 

     @gabebarham Twitter

     @gabebarham Instagram

Jesse Lawson, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist

     @jesseSWS Twitter

     @jessesws Instagram

Jack Fowler, lead guitarist

     @JackSWS Twitter

     @jacksws Instagram

   @SWStheband Twitter

    SWS’s Facebook

   SWS’s Instagram

   SWS’s YouTube

   SWS’s MySpace







Resources: Accessed 10-4-2013.



Throw The Fight

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

James Clark, vocalist

     @TTFJames Twitter

Ryan Baustert, guitarist

     @ryan_TTF Twitter

     @ryanbaustert Instagram


Jonathan Sutton, guitarist

     @Jonnyrocksplawn Twitter

     @jonnyrocksplawn Instagram

Kyle Glidden, bassist

     @TTFKyle Twitter

     @TTFKyle Instagram

Jeff Baustert, drummer

     @JeffTTF Twitter

     @jeffttf Instagram

   @throwthefightMN Twitter

    TTF’s Facebook

   @throwthefightmn Instagram

   TTF’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 10-2-2013.


Best Band List


Formed 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Lajon Witherspoon, vocalist

     @ljspoon Twitter

     @ljspoon Instagram

John Connolly, rhythm guitarist 

     @jconnolly1119 Twitter

     @jmc7d Instagram

 Clint Lowery, lead guitarist

     @ClintElowery Twitter

     @clowery15 Instagram


Vince Hornsby, bassist

     @vinnie7d Twitter

Morgan Rose, drummer 

     @morgan7d Twitter

     @morgan7d Instagram

   @Sevendust Twitter

    7d’s Facebook

   7d’s YouTube

   7d’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 10-1-2013.

Of Mice & Men

Best Band List


Formed 2009 in Costa Mesa, California, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Austin Carlile, vocalist

     @austincarlile Twitter

     @austincarlile Instagram

Alan Ashby, rhythm guitarist 

     @AlanAshby Twitter

      @alanashby Instagram

      @alanashby2 Instagram

Phil Manansala, lead guitarist

     @philipmanansala Twitter

     @mrmoneycat Instagram

Aaron Pauley, bassist, clean vocals

     @aaronpauley Twitter

     @aaronpauley Instagram

Valentino Artega, drummer 

     @youngfuego Twitter

     @youngfuego Instagram

   @OMandM Twitter

    OMandM’s Facebook

   OMandM’s Instagram

   OMandM’s YouTube

   OMandM’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 10-1-2013.

Black Veil Brides

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Current Members (Click on member’s name for Wiki):

Andy Biersack, vocalist, keyboardist

     @AndyBVB Twitter

     @andybvb Instagram

Ash Purdy, bassist

     @AshleyPurdy Twitter

     @ashleypurdyinc Instagram

Jinxx, rhythm guitarist, violinist, backing vocalist

     @JinxxBVB Twitter

     @jinxxed4life Instagram

      Jinxx Facebook

Jake Pitts, lead guitarist

     @JakePittsBVB Twitter

     @jakepittsbvb Instagram


Christian “CC” Coma, drummer

     @ceesespieces Instagram

     @ccbvb Twitter

   @OfficialBVB Twitter

    BVB’s Facebook

   BVB’s Instagram

   BVB’s YouTube

   BVB’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-30-2013.

Miss May I

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Troy, Ohio, USA

Current Members:

Levi Benton, unclean vocalist

     @Levi_Benton Twitter

     @levi_benton Instagram


Justin Aufdemkampe, lead guitarist

     @JustinMMI Twitter

     Justin’s Facebook 

Ryan Neff, bassist, clean vocalist

     @whosryanneff Twitter

     @whosryanneff Instagram

BJ Stead, rhythm guitarist

     @whosrobertseed Twitter

     @whosrobertseed Instagram

Jerod Boyd, drummer

     @jerodboyd Twitter

     @jerodboyd Instagram

   @missmayiband Twitter

    Miss May I’s Facebook

   Miss May I’s Instagram

   MMI’s YouTube

   MMI’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-28-2013.



A Day To Remember

Best Band List


Formed 2003 in Ocala, Florida, USA

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Jeremy McKinnon, vocalist

     @Jeremy McKinnon Twitter

     @therealjeremymckinnon Instagram

Neil Westfall, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist

     @NW44 Twitter

     @neilwestfall44 Instagram


Joshua Woodard, bassist

     @joshuawoodard Twitter

     @joshuawoodard Instagram

Alexander Shelnutt, drummer

     @alexshelnutt Twitter

     @alexshelnutt Instagram


Kevin Skaff, lead guitarist, backing vocalist

     @Kevineffinskaff Twitter

     @kevineffinskaff Instagram

     Kevin’s Facebook 

   @WhereisADTR Twitter

    ADTR Facebook

   ADTR Instagram

   ADTR YouTube

   ADTR MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-28-2013.



Three Days Grace

Best Band List


Formed 1992 in Norwood, Ontario, Canada

Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Adam Gontier, former vocalist

      Adam’s Facebook 

      Adam’s MySpace

Brad Walst, bassist, backing vocalist

Neil Sanderson, drummer, percussionist, keyboardist, backing vocalist

    @neil_threedaysgrace Instagram

Barry Stock, lead guitarist

     Barry’s Facebook 

Matt Walst, current vocalist, rhythm guitarist


   @threedaysgrace Twitter

    3DG’s Facebook

   3DG’s Instagram

   3DG’s YouTube

   3DG’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-25-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 1998 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Mark Hunter, vocalist

     @chimairamark Twitter

      @harkmunter Instagram

      Mark’s Facebook 

Emil Werstler, guitarist

     @EmilWerstler Twitter

     @emilwerstler Instagram

      Emil’s Facebook 

Matt Szlachta, guitarist

     @szlachtology Twitter

     Matt’s Facebook

Jeremy Creamer, bassist

     @allinaline Twitter

     Jeremy’s Facebook 

Austin D’amond, drummer

     @FNAustile Twitter

     Austin’s Facebook 

Sean Zatorsky, keyboardist, backing vocalist

     @Seanzscreams Twitter

     @seanzscreams Instagram

      Sean’s Facebook 


   @chimairaband Twitter

    Chimaira Facebook

   Chimaira YouTube

   Chimaira MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-23-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 1998 in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Lzzy Hale, vocalist, guitarist

     @LZZYHALE Twitter

      Lzzy’s Facebook 

      Lzzy’s Instagram

Arejay Hale, drummer

     @ArejayHale Twitter

     Arejay Facebook 

     @arejayhale Instagram

Joe Hottinger, guitarist

     @thejoestorm Twitter

     Joe Hottinger Facebook

     @thejoestorm Instagram

Josh Smith, bassist

     @jodowa Twitter

     Josh’s Facebook 

     @jodowa Instagram


   @Halestorm Twitter

    Halestorm Facebook

   Halestorm YouTube

   Halestorm MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-16-2013.



Primer 55

Best Band List


Formed 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Current Members:

Bobby Burns, vocalist, guitarist

     @bobbylburns Twitter

      Bobby’s Instagram

Nicolas Bell Sr., bassist

Athan Mireles, drummer

Joey Busciglio, guitarist

   @PRIMER55FAMILY Twitter

    Primer55 Facebook

   Primer55 YouTube


Resources: Accessed 9-15-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 1996 in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Current Members:

Wayne Swinney, guitarist

Dave Novotny, bassist

Paul Crosby, drummer

Bobby Amaru, vocalist

    @BobbyAmaru Twitter

   @Saliva Twitter

    Saliva Facebook

   Saliva Instagram

   Saliva YouTube

   Saliva MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-9-2013.



Butcher Babies

Best Band List


Formed 2010 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Heidi Shepherd, vocalist, unclean

     @HeidiTheButcher Twitter

     @heidithebutcher Instagram

Carla Harvey, vocalist 

     @carlaharvey Twitter

    @carlacoates Instagram

Henry Flury, guitarist

     @HenryFlury Twitter

     @henryflury Instagram

Jason Klein, bassist

     @JasonTheButcher Twitter

     @Jasontheklein Instagram (private)

Chrissy Warner, drummer

     @ToothlessChris Twitter

     @chrissythebutcher Instagram

   @ButcherBabies Twitter

    Butcher Babies Facebook

   Butcher Babies Instagram

   Butcher Babies YouTube

   Butcher Babies MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-9-2013.



Bullet For My Valentine

Best Band List


Formed 1998 in Bridgend, Wales

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Matthew “Matt” Tuck, vocalist, rhythm guitarist

     @MattieValentine Twitter

Michael “Padge” Paget, lead guitarist

     @MichaelPaget Twitter

Michael “Moose” Thomas, drummer

     @moosebullet Twitter

     @moosebullet Instagram

Jason “Jay” James, bassist

     @jaybfmv Twitter

   @bfmvofficial Twitter

    BFMV Facebook

   BFMV Instagram

   BFMV YouTube

   BFMV MySpace




Resources: Accessed 9-8-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 2009 in Highland Park, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (http://huntresskills.com/bio/):

Jill Janus, vocalist

     @JillJanus Twitter

Blake Meahl, guitarist

Ian Alden, bassistCarl Wierzbicky, drummer

Anthony Crocamo, guitarist


    Huntress Facebook

   Huntress Instagram




Resources: Accessed 9-2-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Adrian Patrick, vocalist 

    About Adrian Patrick

Ryan Patrick, guitarist

    About Ryan Patrick

    @ryanpatrick1988 Instagram

Corky Gainsford, drummer

    About Corky Gainsford

    @corkygainsford Twitter

Vassilios Metropoulos, bassist

     About Vassilios Metropoulos

Andrew Pugh, guitarist

    @andysnafu Instagram

    @AndySnafu Twitter

     @WEareOTHERWISE Twitter

    Otherwise Facebook

    Otherwise YouTube

    Otherwise MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-28-2013.  Updated 3-17-2014.




Best Band List


Formed 1997 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Elias Soriano, vocalist

     @EliasBLC44 Twitter

Robb Rivera, drummer

     @RobbRiveraNP Twitter

     Robb “El Martillo”Rivera Facebook


Rasheed Thomas, guitarist

Dave Lizzio, guitarist

    @Cheesebone82 Twitter 

Adam Woloszyn, bassist


    @nonpointofficial Instagram

     @Nonpoint Twitter

     Nonpoint Facebook

    Nonpoint YouTube

   Nonpoint MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-28-2013.



All That Remains

Best Band List


Formed 1998 in Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Philip Labonte, vocalist

     @philthatremains Twitter

     Philip’s Facebook 

Mike Martin, guitarist

    @mikemartinatr Twitter *5k followers and no tweets?

Oli Herbert, guitaritst

    @OliHerbert4Real Twitter 

Jeanne Sagan, bassist     

     @burnthiskiss Twitter 

Jason Costa, drummer

     @fluffscabatr Twitter

     @ATRhq Twitter

    ATR’s Facebook

    ATR’s YouTube

   ATR’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-26-2013.




Best Band List

HIM (His Infernal Majesty)

Formed 1991 in Helsinki, Finland

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Ville Valo, vocalist

Mikko Viljami Lindstrom, guitarist

Mikko Paananen aka Migé Amour, bassist

Mika Karppinen aka Gas Lipstick, drummer

Janne Puurtinen aka Emerson Burton, keyboardist

    HIM Facebook

    HIM YouTube

   HIM MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-26-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Michael Poulsen, vocalist, guitarist

Anders Kholholm, bassist

Jon Larsen, drummer

Rob Caggiano, guitarist

     @RobCaggiano Twitter 

     @robcaggiano Instagram


   Volbeat Instagram

     @VOLBEAT Twitter

    VOLBEAT Facebook

    Volbeat YouTube

   Volbeat MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-26-2013.  Updated 4-30-2014.



We As Human

Best Band List


Formed 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee  U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Justin Cordle, vocalist

     @JustinC_WAH Twitter 

Adam Osborne, drummer

     @Adam_WAH Twitter

     Adam’s Facebook 

 Jake Jones, guitarist

    @Jake_WAH Twitter

   @oy_jonesy Instagram

Justin Forshaw, guitarist

    @JustinF_WAH Twitter

    @justinf_wah Instagram     

Dave Draggoo, bassist

    @Dave_WAH Twitter

  @weashumanofficial Instagram 

     @weashuman Twitter

    We As Human’s Facebook

   We As Human’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-17-2013.



In This Moment

Best Band List


Formed 2005 in Schenectady, New York, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Maria Brink, vocalist, pianist

     @MariaBrink Twitter 

     @mariabrinkofficial Instagram

Chris Howoth, lead guitarist

     @chrishoworth_itm Instagram

Tom Hane, drummer

    @TomHaneITM Twitter 

    @drummertomhane Instagram

     Photography by Tom Hane

Travis Johnson, bassist

     @travis_johnson_itm Instagram

Randy Weitzel, rhythm guitarist

     @RandallWeitzel Twitter

      Randy’s Facebook 

     @randyweitzel Instagram

     @OfficialITM Twitter

    ITM’s Facebook

   ITM’s MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-17-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Brent Smith, vocalist

     @TheBrentSmith Twitter 

Barry Kerch, drummer

     @BKerchofficial Twitter

Zach Myers, guitarist

    @ZMyersofficial Twitter 

Eric Bass, bassist

     @ebassprod Twitter 

     @Shinedown Twitter

    Shinedown Facebook

   Shinedown Instagram

    Shinedown YouTube

   Shinedown MySpace




Resources: Accessed 8-17-2013.



The Black Keys

Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Akron, Ohio U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Dan Auerbach, vocalist, guitarist

     @danauerbach Twitter 

Patrick Carney, drummer

     @patrickcarney Twitter

     @theblackkeys Twitter

    The Black Keys Facebook

    The Black Keys YouTube

   The Black Keys MySpace



Resources: Accessed 8-17-2013.



Motionless In White

Best Band List


Formed 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Chris Motionless Cerulli, vocalist

     @ChrisMotionless  Twitter

     @chrismotionless Instagram 

Ricky Horror Olson, guitarist

    @rickyxhorror  Twitter

     @rickyhorrorx Instagram


Joshua Balz, keyboardist

    @balzmiw Twitter

    @joshbalz Instagram

Ryan Sitkowski, guitarist

    @MIWryan Twitter

    @ryanmiw Instagram


Devin Ghost Sola, bassist

    @LonesomeGhosts Twitter 

    @LonesomeGhosts1937 Instagram

 Vinny Mauro, drummer

     @chenzomauro Twitter

      @chenzomauro Instagram

   @MIWband Twitter

    MIW’s Facebook

   MIW’s Instagram




Resources: Accessed 8-10-2013.  Updated 3-29-2014.



Upon A Burning Body

Best Band List


Formed 2005 in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Danny Leal, vocalist

     @Dannyuabb Twitter 

    @dannyuabb Instagram

Ruben Alvarez, guitarist

     @ruben_uabb Instagram

Sal Dominguez, guitarist 

    @uabbsal Instagram

Chris “CJ” Johnson, bassist 

Jonathon Gonzales, drummer

   @uponaburningbodyofficial Instagram

   @UABB Twitter

   UABB’s Facebook

  UABB’s MySpace



Resources: Accessed 8-10-2013.  Updated 5-8-2014.



Crown The Empire

Best Band List


Formed 2010 in Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Andrew Velasquez, vocalist

     @AndrewCTE  Twitter

     @realandyleo Instagram

David Escamilla, vocalist

    @Dave_Escamilla_  Twitter

    @davescamilla Instagram

Brandon Hoover, guitarist

    @BrandonCTE Twitter

    @bandonhoover Instagram

Bennett Vogelman, guitarist

    @BennSuede  Twitter

     BennSuede Instagram

Brent Taddie, drums

    @brenttaddie Twitter

    @brenttaddie Instagram

    brenttaddie YouTube

Hayden Tree, bass

    @HaydenTree  Twitter

    @treeCTE Instagram

   @crowntheempire Twitter

    CTE’s Facebook

   CTE’s Instagram



Resources: Accessed 8-10-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 1996 in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

John Cooper, vocalist, bassist

     @johnlcooper  Twitter

Korey Cooper, rhythm guitarist, keyboardist

    @koreycooper  Twitter

Seth Morrison, lead guitarist

    @MorrisonSeth  Twitter

Jen Ledger, drummer

    @JenLedger  Twitter

Jonathan Chu, violinist

    @chuviolin Twitter

Tate Olsen, cellist

    @tatethecelloguy  Twitter


    Skillet’s Facebook

   Skillet’s YouTube



Resources: Accessed 8-4-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 1994 in Springfield, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Aaron Lewis, vocalist

Mike Mushok, guitarist

Johnny April, bassist

Sal Giancarelli, drummer, percussionist

   @staindmusic Twitter

   Staind’s Facebook

 Staind’s YouTube

 Staind’s MySpace





Resources: Accessed 7-30-2013.



Lynyrd Skynyrd

Best Band List


Formed 1964 in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.

Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Ronnie Van Zant, (1/15/1948-10/20/1977) vocalist

Johnny Van Zant, vocalist

Gary Rossington, guitarist 

Rickey Medlocke, guitarist 

Mark Matejka, guitarist

Peter Keys, keyboardist

Johnny Colt, bassist

Michael Cartellone, drummer

   @Skynyrd Twitter 

   Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Facebook

 Lynyrd Skynyrd’s YouTube

  Lynyrd Skynyrd





Resources: Accessed 7-15-2013.




Best Band List


Formed 2001 in Oklahoma U.S.A.

Current Members:

Austin Winkler, vocalist (on leave 2013 Jared Weeks from Saving Abel filling in)

Joe Garvey, lead guitarist

Mark King, rhythm guitarist

Mike Rodden, bassist

Cody Hanson, drummer

   @hindermusic Twitter

    Hinder’s Facebook

   Hinder’s YouTube

   Hinder’s Instagram




Resources: Accessed 7-31-2013.