Crossroads Tour with I Prevail Concert Review


Crossroads Tour
I Prevail Concert Review
Donnie’s Homespun Republic
July 15, 2015

I Prevail is on fire and racking up views on their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” on YouTube every minute.  They have had viral success of their cover and are touring in support of their Heart vs. Mind EP.  The Crossroads Tour brought together some great, young bands including Dangerkids, The Animal In Me, Fit For Rivals and Dayseeker.  The camaraderie of bands on tour was shown by each band wearing other band’s shirts.  The fans had all different band shirts as well.  There was everything from Meshuggah to Of Mice & Men.

The Animal In Me is a band from California. They are a metalcore band with two vocalists, Laura Vierra with beautiful eyes and a great voice. Screamer, Shane Gould, who brings the energy. Their balance of hard and melody is captivating. The Animal In Me have done several covers including “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen and “Rap God” by Eminem that really showcases Shane Gould’s vocal skills. The band has worked with producer, Tom Denney(A Day To Remember, Secrets). Their set was amazing and many wondered why they were the first opener. For the tardy fans, you missed out on an incredible band.


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Dayseeker is a post-hardcore from Orange County, California.  They have a passion and storytelling that compels the audience to engage them.  Rory Rodriguez the vocalist explained a song about his mother and her drug addiction call “The Earth Will Turn”.  Their passion ignited the fans.


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The vocalist of Fit For Rivals has screaming power vocals and the guitarist plays killer riffs.  The rock they perform has hints of punk in the mix.  Their infectious tunes, “Hit Me” and “Freak Machine” had the crowd mesmerized.


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Next up was Dangerkids. They got the crowd on their feet.  Dangerkids have two vocalists as well.   Vocalist, Tyler Smyth, thanked the fans for keeping the scene alive.  He recognized that there are so many great bands out now.  We got to hear a new track called “Blacklist”.  Hearing new songs is part of the excitement of seeing a band live.  Yeah, you can watch it on YouTube but you do not get the feel of the crowd.  You can’t get crazy in the pit, crowdsurf, or headbang watching a screen.


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The main event, I Prevail, came onto the stage with their touring frog.  I think his name is Frank.  I Prevail consists of two vocalists, Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe.  They compliment each other with hard and soft.  I sat down with Eric earlier in the day and he explained their songwriting processes.  We discussed their plans for writing their new full length album.  You can read the full interview here:

Best Rock List’s I Prevail Interview with Eric Vanlerberghe 

I Prevail’s show is solid and the crowd knows all their songs.  Vocalist, Eric Vanlerberghe climbed up onto one of the side speakers that was earlier occupied by their frog, sang, and then jumped off.  Eric and their guitarist, Tony Camposeo, went out into the crowd and got very close with them.  The crowd pushed in to touch the band members.  I Prevail’s setlist contained these songs.

Heart vs Mind
Face Your Demons
Blank Space
Love Lust Liars
Chicken Tenders (aka My Heart I Surrender)


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The band took time to meet with fans after their set.  All the bands were available to meet with fans and talk to them.  The gratitude expressed to the fans by buying their music and merch was expressed by all the band members.  For many of the bands, it gets them to the next show, pays for food and fuel and sometimes a hotel.

You can also support them by going to one of their shows.

Crossroads Tour