Between The Buried And Me and August Burns Red Concert Review

Between The Buried And Me and August Burns Red Concert Review
Limelight Eventplex, Peoria, Illinois



Between The Buried And Me (BTBAM) and August Burns Red joined forces for a co-headlining tour that makes metalheads rejoice that they can conserve their dollars and see two formidable bands at the same time.  It was unfortunate that The Faceless had to bow out of this tour as their inclusion would have added a lot to the tour.

While August Burns Red fans are more the popular metalcore band fans and BTBAM’s fans are what I lovingly refer to as geek metalheads.  BTBAM’s fans will talk to you about music theory, breakdowns, and gear while respecting the genius of artists.  Most of them are musicians themselves.  August Burns Red fans will make you lose your sh*t while in the circle pit while lifting each other up in positive vibes.

The night started with Good Tiger.  The band includes ex-Tesseract vocalist Elliot Coleman, ex-The Safety Fire guitarists Derya Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles, ex-The Faceless drummer Alex Rüdinger and Architects bassist Morgan Sinclair.  Their songs go between screams from Elliot Coleman to high falsetto that surprised the crowd.  The band has just released an album “A Head Full of Moonlight” that is a definite listen for fans of BTBAM.  Their live show needs a little polishing but was very entertaining.

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August Burns Red is a metalcore band from Pennsyvania. They have been around since 2003. Their style of music is undeniable skill paired with positive messages. Their song “Identity” was nominated for a Best Metal Performance Grammy. They are nominated for numerous awards for 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards including Best Guitarist (JB Brubaker), Artist Philanthropic, (Jake Luhrs Heart Support), Best Music Video (Identity) and Album of The Year (Found in Far Away Places). August Burns Red continue to hone their skill and message with each album. Their performance gave the fans what they wanted which was classic August Burns Red. After a few remaining shows in the United States, they head to Europe for the summer.


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Everyone I know told me about the brilliance of Between The Buried And Me yet I had not seen them live. When describing BTBAM, there is always a long drawn out explanation that goes from Progressive Metal to metalcore to rock opera to just amazing. They are a class and genre unto themselves. Their latest album The Coma Ecliptic is a concept album of a man in a self induced coma dealing with his mind and trying to find a better past life. Tommy Rogers found inspiration from Danny Elfman and decided upon a natural progression of more melody on the album. So fans from the beginning may not shout the praises of this album but new fans like myself are awed with the complexity of the songs and can appreciate the path to this album. It made our list for best albums of 2015. See all the other albums on that list here: Best Rock Albums 2015

Tommy Rogers reminds me of a modern day Jim Morrison with his scruffy beard and brunette mane. Paul Waggoner is magical on the guitar. I thought that I had seen the best guitarists touring the country but I had not seen Paul Waggoner. Arguably one of the ten best modern rock guitarists, he mesmerizes with his magnificient work. Seeing the song “The Coma Ecliptic” live really reinforced my opinion of Between The Buried And Me as one of the best bands in metal. They have a few more dates in the U.S. including Rock On The Range, then they are off to Europe as well. Find all their dates on their website.


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