Breaking Benjamin

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Formed 1998 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA (on hiatus since 2010)

Current Members (Click on members name for Wiki):

Benjamin Burnley, vocalist

     @benburnleybb Twitter 

Shaun Foist, drummer

     @shaun_foist_official Instagram

     @shaunfoist Twitter

     Shaun Foist’s Facebook

Aaron Bruch, bassist

    @aaron_bruch Twitter

    Aaron Bruch’s Facebook

Jasen Rauch, guitarist

    @jasenrauch Instagram (private)

    @jasenrauch Twitter 

    Jasen Rauch Facebook 

Keith Wallen, guitarist

     @kjwallen Instagram

     @kjwallen Twitter

     Keith Wallen’s Facebookx

Former Members

Aaron Fink, guitarist

Mark Klepaski, bassist

Chad Szeliga, drummer

    @chadszeliga Twitter

@breakingbenj Twitter

  Breaking Benjamin’s Facebook

  Breaking Benjamin’s YouTube

 A Day To Remember  Breaking Benjamin’s MySpace

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