The Who

Best Band List


Formed 1964 in England

Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Roger Daltrey, vocalist

Pete Townshend, guitarist

John Entwistle, bass guitarist

Keith Moon (8/23/1946-9/7/1978), drummer  

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Pink Floyd

Best Band List


Formed 1965 in London, England

Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Syd Barrett, (1/6/1946-7/7/2006) co-lead vocalist, guitarist

David Gilmour, co-lead vocalist, guitarist

Richard Wright, (7/28/1943-9/15/2008) keyboardist

Roger Waters, bass guitarist, co-lead vocalist

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Avenged Sevenfold

Best Band List

Avenged Seven Fold (A7X)

Formed 1999 in Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

M. Shadows, vocalist

Zacky Vengeance, rhythm guitarist

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Synyster Gates, lead guitarist 

Johnny Christ, bassist 

Arin Ilejay, drummer, percussionist

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Black Sabbath

Best Band List


Formed 1968 in Birmingham, England

Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Tony Iommi, guitarist;

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Ozzy Osbourne, vocalist;

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Geezer Butler, bass guitarist;    

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Bill Ward, drummer;

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Asking Alexandria

Best Band List


Formed 2008 in North Yorkshire, England

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Denis Shaforostov, vocalist 

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Ben Bruce, guitarist

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Cameron Liddell, rhythm guitarist

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Sam Bettley, bassist

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     Clothing Line

James Cassells, drummer

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 Asking Alexandria

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Led Zeppelin

Best Band List


Formed 1968 in London, England

Members (click on member’s name for Wiki):

Robert Plant, vocalist

Jimmy Page, lead guitarist

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John Paul Jones, bass guitarist, keyboardist

John Bonham (5/31/1948-9/25/1980) drummer, percussionist

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Papa Roach

Best Band List


Formed 1993 in Vacaville, California, U.S.A.

Current Members:

Jacoby Shaddix, vocalist

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     @jacobydakotashaddix Instagram

Jerry Horton, lead guitarist

     @jerryhorton Twitter

     @jerryhorton Instagram

Tobin Esperance, bassist, rhythm guitarist, programmist

    @TobinEsperance Twitter

Tony Palermo, drummer

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  Papa Roach


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