Spoon Concert Review

Spoon Concert Review
September 10, 2017
Limelight Eventplex
Peoria, Illinois

Spoon digs into Peoria, Illinois with thanks to WWCT 99.9 and Limelight Eventplex. 

Putting the bad puns aside. Spoon the band, came to Peoria, Illinois for the first time. The rock community welcomed the popular indie band. When I think of Spoon, I think of a solid rock band with a distinct sound that pulls from influences like the Beatles, The Pixies, and David Bowie. They are touring in support of their latest and best album to date, Hot Thoughts (Matador Records). The album that was released on March 17, 2017 and has definitely got a Bowie feel. It is a contender for one of best rock albums of 2017.

The night began with Twin Peaks that hail from Chicago, Illinois. Twin Peaks joined the tour for a few dates starting this evening. Hearing the band for the first time, my immediate impressions was a band drawing from The Rolling Stones. The band had a fun vibe and the early crowd definitely received them well.

Twin Peaks website

Spoon is a rock band from Austin, Texas that has been around since 1993. The band was named after the song ‘Spoon’ by the band Can. The song is infectious and so the is the band Spoon. When you listen to any Spoon song, the next thing you know you’re humming along. The band had a simple but great set up with lighting that really made the show feel like a bigger arena show.

The setlist was full of songs from Hot Thoughts.  The full setlist is below:
Do I Have To Talk You Into It
Inside Out
I Turn My Camera On
Anything You Want
Stay, Don’t Go
Don’t You Evah
Do You
Via Kanela
I Ain’t The One
Hot Thoughts
Can I Sit Next To You
My Mathematical Mind
Don’t Make Me A Target
The Underdog
Got Nuffin
Black Like Me

For my first time seeing Spoon, I was impressed as the band was better live than their album. When a band is better live than on their album that means they are technically gifted.  But more than that, they care about the quality of the show they are giving to fans. Even in some medium sized river town in the middle of nowhere, they care.

Find out more about Spoon at their website: Spoon website

Portugal. The Man

Best Band List


Portugal. The Man(photo from Facebook)

Formed 2004 in Wasilla, Alaska but hailing from Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

John Gourley, vocalist and guitarist

     @thefantasticthe Instagram

     @The Fantastic The

Zachary Carothers, bassist and backing vocalist

     @zacharycarothers Instagram

     @zachcarothers Twitter

     @Zachary Scott Carothers Facebook

Kyle O’Quin, keyboardist, guitarists, backing vocalist

      @kyleoquin Instagram

      @Kyle O’Quin Facebook

Eric Howk, guitarist

      @erichowk Instagram

      @EricHowk Twitter

      @Eric Howk Facebook

Jason Sechrist, drummer

     @jasonsechrist Instagram

     @Jason Sechrist Twitter

Zoe Manville

     @manville Instagram

     @Zoe English Manville Facebook


  @portugaltheman Instagram

   @Lords of Portland Twitter

   Portugal. The Man’s Facebook

    Portugal. The Man’s YouTube

Portugal. The Man’s Website

Portugal. The Man’s Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-26-2017.



Best of Vans Warped Tour 2017

Best of Vans Warped Tour 2017
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Tinley Park, Illinois

 Vans Warped Tour 2017

The crowd at Vans Warped Tour in Chicago are big and ready to have a good time. This year the fans were walking around like deer in headlights. It could have been the heat but also the suicide of Chester Bennington that was two days before. He died on Chris Cornell’s birthday, another great who committed suicide. The messages from the bands and the posters were “It’s okay to not be okay.”  I did feel like it was an extension of a scene from 13 Reasons Why but what we do to soothe ourselves after trauma is almost always going to be on a poster.  

In the 23rd year of the largest and longest running traveling festival, Vans Warped Tour has fans like no other festival. They are not the homogeneous crowds at rock festivals because the bands are so diverse. You have rap, singer songwriter, rock, punk and metal. The fans are aged 5-90 and every ethnicity and body type.  No one cared about the amount of skin that was showing from any person.  The fans and bands are so inclusive at Vans Warped Tour and that is what makes it one of the best festivals in the country.  

When we arrived, the fans made a run for the water stations!  What was nice this year was that there was additional time for entry.  You could make your way to the schedule and figure out when your favorite band was playing.  What was not good was that no shows were happening in the amphitheatre where you could sit and get a break from the sun.  Sure, there was tent set up to block the sun but you had to sit on the ground and you could not see any shows from the tents.  

Enough about what could be improved.  Every year there is a band that sells out their merch at their merch tent.  This year there was a tie between I Prevail and Gwar.  I think all the regular Warped Tour fans were surprised to see Gwar on the lineup this year.  Though Gwar has been through many iterations, they still provide a great live show.   And fans, old and new, know they have had a unique experience seeing them live.  I Prevail, has been on the scene for only a little while but they are gaining popularity dramatically since their formation in 2013.  They are social media minded and their songs resonate with a large group.  (Learn more about them in my interview here.)

Best Breakout Band

Without a doubt, the band on everyone’s lips was Bad Cop/Bad Cop as one of the must see bands.  The band played the Hard Rock stage so I knew they were going to rock.  The band is an all female band that lists their interests as ‘donuts’ on their Facebook page. So you know they have be awesome.  The band has catchy songs and really are just having fun performing.  

 Vans Warped Tour 2017

Best Crowdsurfing Band
I Prevail

I Prevail is a metalcore band from Southfield, Michigan.  I have been one of their ardent supporters and am extremely thrilled they have gotten so popular.  Each year there is a band where more body surfing occurs than you think is possible.  This year it was I Prevail who’s fans set the standard for the most people up in the air.  There was an endless stream of people who went from front to back the whole set.

 I Prevail Vans Warped Tour 2017

Best Artist Before They Become Untouchable
Andy Black or Futuristic
Vans Warped Tour has had several huge stars on their stage from Green Day, Weezer, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Katy Perry, and Paramore. We make our prediction about who the next superstar is going to be. Andy Black (Biersack) is the lead singer of metal band, Black Veil Brides. Black Veil Brides has slowly gained tremendous success with each album they release. Their fans are fervent supporters of their message of believing in yourself when you are different. He has had a fairy tale romance with Juliet Simms (Biersack), an American singer who rose to fame on The Voice. They married in a ceremony in April of 2016. (We later find out they have been married legally since 2012).

Andy Black has a pop sound versus the metal sound of Black Veil Brides. While performing, his sway with the audience was undeniable. When he moved toward the audience, there was unadulterated screaming and fans wanting to touch him and called his name in earnest. He is starring in a feature film called American Satan to be released this year on Friday the 13th of October.  The movie also stars Ben Bruce of of the band, Asking Alexandria, Denise Richards, Malcolm McDowell, and John Bradley-West (Samwell Tarley from Game Of Thrones).  The trailer looks like it will be a blockbuster and will move metal music back to popular culture again.  

Futuristic is a rapper unlike any others.  He has gained success through social media and done it without a label.  He really has done what he has wanted from the ground up.  What stands out about Futuristic is how relatable his lyrics are to his generation.  I guess that is still the millennials but those specifically twenty-five and under.  Plus, his speed as a rapper is impressive.   

Vans Warped Tour 2017

Best Band With A Message
Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods is a metal band from Austin, Texas.  Their Facebook states “Free from hate. Free from pain. Free to choose our own path.”  Their album Narrative Retold is one of the best of 2017 with the song “Excuse Me” that brings a message that everyone needs to listen to. Yet is it not the only song with the message. We have to listen to “Evolve” and “End Transmission” and really the entire album to get the message. Their live show is mesmerizing and powerful.  

Best Retro Sounding Band
William Control

Somewhere between Black Veil Brides and Depeche Mode is William Control and The Neuromantic Boys.  They are electronic, dark and catchy.  I almost missed them as they were the last band playing in Chicago.  It probably also helps that he could probably be mistaken for Corey Feldman.  Regardless, I felt like I was stepping back in time listening to the sound of his band.  

Vans Warped Tour 2017

We love the excitement of seeing bands live and finding new and good bands at Vans Warped Tour this year and hopefully for many more years to come. 


Click on artist for their full photo gallery from Vans Warped Tour:

American Authors
Andy Black
Bad Omens
Fire From The Gods
I Prevail
Jule Vera
Memphis May Fire
Neck Deep
New Years Day
Our Last Night
Stick To Your Guns
The Acacia Strain
Too Close To Touch
Various Artists

Sylar Photo Gallery

Sylar Photo Gallery
Vans Warped Tour
Tinley Park, Illinois

Attila Photo Gallery

Attila Photo Gallery
Vans Warped Tour
Tinley Park, Illinois

Vans Warped Tour Photo Gallery 2017

Vans Warped Tour Photo Gallery 2017
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Tinley Park, Illinois

Valient Thorr Emmure Emmure Emmure Emmure Emmure Emmure Bless The Fall Stacked Like Pancakes Stacked Like Pancakes Stacked Like Pancakes Stacked Like Pancakes Stacked Like Pancakes Silverstein Silverstein Silverstein Silverstein Silverstein Sick Of It All Sick Of It All Sick Of It All Sick Of It All Feeki Feeki Feeki Feeki Courage My Love Courage My Love Courage My Love Courage My Love Courage My Love Courage My Love

The Acacia Strain Photo Gallery

The Acacia Strain Photo Gallery
Vans Warped Tour
Tinley Park, Illinois

Stick To Your Guns Photo Gallery

Stick To Your Guns Photo Gallery
Vans Warped Tour
Tinley Park, Illinois

New Years Day Photo Gallery

New Years Day Photo Gallery
Vans Warped Tour
Tinley Park, Illinois

Neck Deep Photo Gallery

Neck Deep Photo Gallery
Vans Warped Tour
Tinley Park, Illinois