The Maine

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The Maine (Photo from The Maine’s Website)

Formed 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

John O’Callaghan, lead vocalist, pianist, guitarist

     @thefifthjohn Instagram

     @johnmaine Twitter

Kennedy Brock, guitarist

     @crosseyedtiger Instagram

     @kennedymaine Twitter

Pat Kirch, drummer

     @patmaine Instagram

     @patmaine Twitter

Garrett Nickelsen, bass guitarist

     @themainegarrett Instagram

     @garrettmaine Twitter

Jared Monaco, guitarist

    @jaredmaine Instagram

    @jaredmaine Twitter

  @themaineband Instagram

   @TheMaine Twitter

   The Maine’s Facebook

    The Maine’s YouTube

The Maine’s Wikipedia 

Resources: Accessed 8-12-2014.



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