I Prevail Concert Review Heart vs Mind Tour

I Prevail Concert Review
The Heart vs Mind Tour with Too Close To Touch and Chasing Safety


Sometimes when you go to a show, you like one of the openers and not the other one. Other times, the opener will sound nothing like the genre that you are there to see. For this show, the opening bands sound was extremely cohesive with the headliner. All the bands were similar so you were instantly fan of all three bands.

Too Close To Touch is a post-hardcore band from Lexington, Kentucky. The vocalist, Keaton Pierce, has a diverse vocal range. Where bands with such talent usually have two singers, Too Close To Touch, has just one. Their song “Perfect World” is about the fantasy we all have of reconciliation when there is a breakup. We all dream that the one who walked away will come crawling back to us.


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Chasing Safety had a high energy set. Their vocalist, Johnny Galivan, was slinging the microphone like an 80’s rocker. He must have driven his mom crazy when he was little with all the energy he had. He was doing cartwheels and taking phones from members of the crowd. The band sounds similar to Of Mice & Men and Crown The Empire.


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I Prevail has exploded onto the hard rock scene with their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. The I Prevail version is really a bold undertaking and the arrangement with the screaming vocals is pure genius. It hardly sounds like the original and that is why metal fans like it so much. The band has two vocalists, Brian Burkheiser, clean vocals and Eric Vanlerberghe, unclean vocals.

I Prevail’s album Heart vs Mind is out now. There are just seven songs on the album but every song is great. There are songs for post-hardcore fans and rock fans alike. They played the majority of their album and covered some “Break Stuff” as well. The fans were ready to bang their heads and participate in a little pit action. The crowd was not able to let them go after their set and asked for one more song. Their encore was an acoustic version of “My Heart I Surrender”.


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