Best Metal and Rock Songs for A Funeral

Best Metal and Rock Songs for A Funeral

Dio Casket

Dio Casket Photo from Rock Scene


One day we all leave this earth and our bodies return to the soil.  Some deaths are after a long and prosperous life and some are after too short of a life.  Some of us believe in an afterlife and some believe we end at the time of our death.  Whatever we believe, those who loved us, knew us, and respected us join together to remember us.

The rock and metal fans needed a soundtrack to our funeral.  Here are the best rock and metal songs for funeral.

16. Fly To The Angels by Slaughter

Slaughter is a ‘hair metal’ band from the great eighties.  This song is about a good friend of Mark Slaughter’s who passed away.

15. Dust In The Wind by Kansas

Dust In The Wind is a song from 1978 and is Kansas’ only Billboard top ten hit.  The reference to the biblical reference about returning to the earth.

14. Sever by We As Human

We As Human is a Christian rock band.  The song is about Justin Cordle’s nephew who died of cancer right before he turned three years old.  Watch the interview with We As Human here.   We As Human Interview.

13. I Remember You by Skid Row

This break-up song is included because the passing a loved one is the ultimate break-up.  The sadness of this song captures the heartbreak felt when someone moves on.  Sebastian Bach singing this song gives me chills every time.

12. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Tears In Heaven was written about Clapton’s four year old son, Conor, who died after falling out of an apartment building window.  The pain of losing a child is probably the worst pain in the world.  This song captures that loss in a song and puts that feeling of horrible loss to music.

11Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

When I think of sad songs of loss, I think of the ethereal song Wish You Were Here.  The song is about alienation and feeling alone.  When we lose someone, we are alone in our grief.

10. This Is Your Life by Dio

Ronnie James Dio was considered by many as one of the greatest metal vocalists to have ever live.  This track is a song to add to the soundtrack of your life.  I imagine photographs of your life will play while this song is playing.

9. Torn To Pieces by Pop Evil

This heartfelt song recently released by Pop Evil is about the death of singer, Leigh Kakaty’s father.  The lyrics “I’m torn to pieces, I’m broken down, I still see your face when you’re not around”.  

8. Heaven by Otherwise featuring Ash Costello


Otherwise Photo from Rock Revival


Ash Costello of the band New Years Day is featured singer on this song about the loss of relative of the Patrick brothers in this band.  The song is similar to Tears in Heaven in that it asks the question if I could visit heaven, could I stay or bring you back to me.

7. Angel’s Son by Sevendust

Angel’s Son is a dedication to James Lynn Strait who died in a car accident.  Lajon Witherspoon talks about how when he went into the studio to write this song, the words did not come to him until he was there and he felt as if they came directly from the inspiration.

6. Cancer by My Chemical Romance

For those among us who are affected by the “C” word.  This song goes right to the heart of the matter and it affects us all.  My Chemical Romance(MCR) grew out of the ashes of the 911 tragedy.  Gerard Way and Matt Pelissier formed the band shortly after the attack as an answer to give hope to many.  Their musical genre has given rise to many other artists who has music with a message.   MCR is currently defunct to the chagrin of their fans.

5. Five Minutes by The Defiled

British rockers The Defiled became the first band to ever perform on an iceberg.  This song is about loss.  The words to this song are poignant and concise.

4.  All Who Remain by Beware of Darkness

Beware of Darkness is a rock band from Santa Barbara, California.  All Who Remain says “When you leave this life, the world will be a darker place  for all who remain”.  When someone dies, your surviving loved ones feel this way.  The survivors are the ones who need the funeral.

3. Into The Light by In This Moment

In This Moment

In This Moment Photo from Facebook by Jeremy Saffer


Maria Brink of In This Moment explains that this song is about the sadness of losing people physically and knowing that the spirits will still be connected.  Maria Brink showcases her vocal talent in this pure song.

2. Blackbird by Alter Bridge

“Let the wind carry you home, blackbird fly away.  May you never be broken again.”  The guitars are phenomenal in this track.  Alter Bridge is a hard rock band from Orlando, Florida.

1. Say Hello To Heaven by Temple of The Dog

Temple of The Dog is a band created as an homage to Andrew Wood who died of drug addiction.  Andrew was the singer for the band, Mother Love Bone, the precursor to Pearl Jam.  Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) was friends with Wood and approached Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament to create an album and they formed Temple of The Dog, along with Matt Cameron, Mike McCready, and Eddie Vedder.  The heartfelt pain in Chris Cornell’s voice along with the guitar wail are why this song is number one on the list.


Songs that did not make the list Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, The Show Must Go On by Queen,  Shadow of The Day by Linkin Park

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