Volbeat Concert Review with Killswitch Engage and Black Wizard

Volbeat Concert Review with Killswitch Engage and Black Wizard
Illinois State Fair
Springfield, Illinois

Black Wizard started the night when it was still daylight. Black Wizard hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their style of metal is reminiscent of Mastodon but missing the technical proficiency of Mastodon. Black Wizard is definitely a band that you buy their vinyl and spin it at home for a night of music enlightenment.

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Killswitch Engage took the stage after the sun went down. Their set was energetic and hit laden. Frontman Jesse Leach sporting his old Mohawk haircut and beard. It almost felt like ten years ago but all the members of the band had aged a little. Oh and their setlist has changed over the years with songs like “Hate by Design” and “Alone I Stand”.  The band was hot off their performance at Chicago Open Air.

My Curse
Strength of The Mind
Beyond The Flames
Rose of Sharyn
Alone I Stand
Hate By Design
A Bid Farewell
My Last Serenade
The End of Heartache
Holy Diver
In Due Time



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Volbeat had an elaborate stage set up with backdrop of screen that looked like windows with their metallic Elvis winged skull in front and cab covers of skulls as well. Drummer Jon Larsen’s kit has a lot of images going on and is a movie monster tribute except the one with Jerry Only on it. You can learn more about the monsters on the drum kit here: Video of Jon Larsen Classic Movie Monster Drum Build

Volbeat is a Danish metal band but their style of music is so varied with rockabilly, straight rock and then metal. They got the mosh pit and the crowd surfers going in the VIPit area. I have never seen more security at a show and the Illinois State Fair is in the capital of Springfield and the Illinois State Police police the show and also provide the security. I have never felt safer and never more sober either. Almost no marijuana use by anyone in the crowd so there was no secondhand buzz.  The weather was a perfect 82 degrees. The clouds covering the almost full moon looked like a horror movie show.
Their set started with their latest single, “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” and it has already gained traction as an earworm that cannot be denied. You just have to sing along. The crowd was taken through their full and varied sound.
They performed just under two hours.

Their setlist:
The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
Heaven nor Hell/A Warrior’s Call/I Only Want to Be With You
Sad Man’s Tongue
Lola Montez
The Gates of Babylon
Dead but Rising
16 Dollars
Let It Burn
Hallelujah Goat
Goodbye Forever
The Mirror and The Ripper

Black Rose
Doc Holliday
Seal the Deal
Still Counting


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