Saving Abel Concert Review


Saving Abel Concert Review

June 17, 2015 The Castle Theatre, Bloomington, Illinois.

Saving Abel brought their tour to the Castle Theatre in Bloomington Illinois on June 17th, 2015 with Shallow Side as their support.


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Shallow Side is a four member Independent band out of Cullman Alabama but something tells me that they won’t be independent for long.  If you have yet to hear of this band put them on your Bands To Watch list. Currently on tour in support of their five song EP Stand Up, Shallow Side brings a stage presence that can only be described as infectious. I was there to photograph the show but had a hard time not wanting to bang my head and jump around during their entire set. Their songs have a way of sticking in your head and it takes only a couple times hearing song like My Addiction and Stand Up before you’re hooked and singing along. The band consists of Cody Hampton on bass, Seth Trimble on guitar, Heath Fields on drums and Eric Boatright on vocals. All four members are gifted musicians.  Eric Boatright’s vocal range can go from a growl to a controlled scream in a matter of seconds. Eric also knows how to control and engage the crowd into their set. Seth Trimble and Cody Hampton play to the crowd like its second nature to them while Heath Fields bangs away on the drums in a feverish and theatrical manner. Few drummers bring the energy that Heath does for a full set, i felt tired just watching him. Overall this was a fantastic set by Shallow Side and I would recommend seeing them to anyone if they are ever in your area.

Shallow Side
Eric Boatright-Vocals
Cody Hampton-Bass
Seth Trimble-Guitar
Heath Fields-Drums

Next up was the headliner Saving Abel. If you don’t know who this band is you might have been living under a rock since 2008 when the band blew up with the hit single Addicted. These hard working southern boys are one of the hardest working bands our there.  After years of playing big arenas and touring the country both here and abroad the band, which consists of two new members in Scott Austin on Vocals and Steven Pulley on drums, has been playing smaller venues pretty much non-stop since the release of their fourth album Blood Stained Revolution came out in 2014.  For some bands out there it can be just about the music or their egos once they’ve reached the Rock Star status Saving Abel has achieved. Not Saving Abel, to them its all about the fans, especially those that have or currently are serving in our armed forces.  Lead Singer Scott Austin even took the time during their set to acknowledge and thank those in attendance that have served our country.  I don’t know that there is a band I know of that supports the troops more then Saving Abel, having played for our troops numerous times in locations such as Iraq, Qatar, Cuba and India to name a few.


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This would be my first time seeing Saving Abel and I can tell you that it won’t be my last.  The show from beginning to end was very energetic.  Frontman Scott Austin made a point to try and involve the crown as much as possible for their entire set. The set list included songs like “Love Sick Suicide” and “Blood Stained Revolution” from the new aforementioned album as well as the hits “Bringing Down The Giant”, “18 Days”, “Drowning (Face Down)” which included Shallow Side frontman Eric Boatright joining the stage to sing along and of course Addicted which ended the night.  Overall I’d give Saving Abel an A+ but not just because their set was phenomenal but also because they stayed after the show to sign autographs and take pictures to any fan that approached them.  If I had to describe Saving Abel in one word Humility would be the one I would use. These guys really connect with their fanbase and by the time you leave you almost feel like family.

Saving Abel
Scott Austin-Vocals
Jason Null-Guitar
Eric Taylor-Bass
Scott Bartlett-Guitar
Steven Pulley-Drums

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