For The Fallen Dreams

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For The Fallen Dreams

Formed 2003 in Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Chad Ruhlig, vocalist 

     @ChadRuhlig Twitter 

     @chadruhlig Instagram (private)

Jim Hocking, lead guitarist

      @jimFTFD Twitter

      @jimhocking Instagram

Brandon Stastny, bassist

      @ItsReallyJuicy Twitter

      @brandonstastny Instagram

Navid Naghdi, drummer  

     @N4v1d Twitter

     Navid’s Facebook

  @FTFDband Instagram

     @FTFDband Twitter

    FTFD’s  Facebook

    FTFD’s MySpace

Resources: Accessed 4-30-2014.



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