Crown The Empire

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Formed 2010 in Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

Current Members (click on member’s name for Wikipedia):

Andrew Velasquez, vocalist

     @AndrewCTE  Twitter

     @realandyleo Instagram

David Escamilla, vocalist

    @Dave_Escamilla_  Twitter

    @davescamilla Instagram

Brandon Hoover, guitarist

    @BrandonCTE Twitter

    @bandonhoover Instagram

Bennett Vogelman, guitarist

    @BennSuede  Twitter

     BennSuede Instagram

Brent Taddie, drums

    @brenttaddie Twitter

    @brenttaddie Instagram

    brenttaddie YouTube

Hayden Tree, bass

    @HaydenTree  Twitter

    @treeCTE Instagram

   @crowntheempire Twitter

    CTE’s Facebook

   CTE’s Instagram

Resources: Accessed 8-10-2013.



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